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Love spell — magical prisuha

Spell on the water is sometimes called prisukha. This is due to the fact that when the ceremony is performed, the person literally begins to dry out of love.

At the same time, the love spell can be trusted or not, but it acts regardless of the will of its victim, and this is a recognized fact.

When the village healer prepares a love potion, she throws grass and animal bones there. To get in touch with the victim, she needs his hair or the thing he was wearing.

But the main component is always spring water, over which a witch read a conspiracy. In this case, the client is her, water-potion, should drop the victim in the soup, tea or drink.

After that, the person is doomed, namely, from the moment when the brew enters his body.

Recently, scientists have proven that water has a memory, it can store, receive and transmit information. To understand what information carries water, positive or negative, scientists freeze samples in a cryochamber, examine it under a microscope and compare it with a standard — water from a holy source. The crystals of water, over which a love conspiracy is pronounced, have an absolutely different form from the standard and, when they enter the human body, change it.

After all, a person is 80 percent water, so there is no doubt that the love spell on water is one hundred percent effective!

Love spell - magical prisuha

A love spell on water at the same time using together with a photo of the beloved is very much in demand. With it, many women have bewitched their husbands. This love spell will not manage to take away another man.

With such an orientation, it will simply be ineffective and will not manifest itself. This ceremony is intended for independent use, but it should be held secret from even the closest people, and never to talk about it in the future.

From this approach depends on the welfare of living together.

When planning to conduct the ceremony, you should go to the temple in advance and buy a red candle there, as well as collect consecrated water. Having come home, in the evening, you need to retire in a separate room, spray the candle with holy water and wait until it dries.

At this time, you need to turn away from the problems of real life and focus on thoughts of a loved one.

In the next stage of the ceremony, you need to light a candle with a match from a new box. In this case, the used match should be put next.

Next, looking intently into the eyes depicted in the picture of a man, you need to remember all the good things that you had in life together. Nothing bad can be remembered at this moment. Moreover, if something bad is involuntarily remembered, the rite should be postponed.

If it was possible to visualize pleasant events, then against this background one should roll the photo into a tube and put it into a glass filled with holy water.

After that, you need to say these magic words:

After that, the glass must be put on the table and three times overshadow the traditional church cross. Next, the match left earlier, you need to set fire to the flame of a candle and allow it to burn almost completely.

At the same time, you should constantly say the words:

Burning match should be lowered into a glass of water, which you need to cover the top with a white sheet of paper and hide in a secluded place. The image in the photo will change over time, and in accordance with this, the attitude of the beloved man towards you will change.

He is in speed will return to you from anywhere.

Love spell - magical prisuha

Love spells are very effective, which suppose water is spelled, which should then be given to a loved one to drink.

Required attributes for the rite:

  • Candle;
  • Spring or well water;
  • Capacity for water from glass or porcelain.

The ritual is performed late at night all alone. In this case, you need to choose the time so that the moon was visible in the sky, and the sky was full of stars.

The ceremony consists in carrying out the following actions:

  • It is necessary to light a candle and to clasp a vessel with water with your hands, optimally so that it is a crystal decanter.
  • Next you need to talk with the water, namely, to tell her everything about your great love and share your plans for living together, and you should also mention how hard it is for you without your lover.
  • After that, the vessel with water should be put on the window sill so that the moon’s rays illuminate it.
  • Hand should be held around the edges of the vessel and 7 times to say these magic words:

Water should stand on the windowsill until the morning. After that, it should be used for cooking and drinking your loved one.

If it is not possible to do this, then you can throw it out on the path that the chosen one will pass.

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