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Love spell, magic spell — the strongest love spell

The love spell of voodoo is considered one of the most powerful love spells and in fact it is. Also, a voodoo love spell can rightfully be considered a love spell that lasts a lifetime.

Therefore, to resort to his help is possible only in extreme cases. Perhaps you will suit another type of love spell, which has a less long-term effect.

Of course, the fact that he has been acting for almost his entire life does not mean at all that one cannot remove the voodoo love spell with the help of a special ceremony.

Love spell, magic spell - the strongest love spell

Voodoo Magic is the strongest spell, it has certain specifics. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, you will not be able to make it in relation to the person you are distant, because for the ritual you will need things that are not so easy to get.

For the love spell, a special voodoo ritual doll is made with the addition of particles of the bewitching body. Voodoo doll is a key link in the spell by Voodoo.

She plays the role of energy connection with the person in relation to whom the spell is done.

About how to make a doll, read here: How to make a Voodoo doll.

It is strongly recommended not to apply love voodoo on its own, it is so strong that it carries a great danger in itself both for the one who conducts it and for that to whom it is directed.

After you have made the doll you can start the spell itself. Love spell should be done after midnight, it was then that the magic of Voodoo love spell gains the most power.

It is very important that the person you want to bewitch at this time is asleep, otherwise the spell may not work.

So, the love spell is done by candlelight, the candles must be wax black, such candles can be made by yourself or bought in an esoteric store. Light the candles, take the doll in your left hand and sit down, taking a comfortable position between the two candles.

Imagine the person you are bewitching, imagine how he is sleeping now, try to feel his presence, to feel that he is near. This will help you doll, as it already has a strong connection with the bewitched.

When you clearly feel this connection, place the doll on your knees, make a small incision or puncture on the bundle of the thumb of your right hand, so that a drop of blood stays on it, do not overdo it, unnecessary wounds do not need anything here, scarifier (you can buy at the pharmacy). When a drop of blood appears on the tuft of a finger, you need to take the doll in your hand in such a way that the finger with a cut goes to the area where the doll’s heart should be.

Putting your finger in this way, say three times:

On this love voodoo finished, and the doll must be protected, that she was with you and not give it to anyone!

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