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Love spell is a sin or not?

In the modern world, love spells are very popular. People often use a love spell in order to bring love to life, without thinking about the possible consequences at all.

It should be understood that the love spell is not love, it is just a human attachment on a subconscious level. As a result of such an impact, the victim of a love spell begins a kind of split personality, because he cannot explain why he is so drawn to another person in the absence of love for him.

First of all, when making a decision to bewitch a person, one should realize that a love spell is a sin.

Love spell is a sin or not?

Conducting the spell, the performer of the rite changes the victim’s natural karma, which changes the course of the natural life events laid down in the fate. After external foreign influence, the energy protective field is destroyed.

As a result, both physical and mental health of a person suffers.

Among the terrible consequences of the bewitching effect can be noted:

  • The development of serious diseases;
  • A series of dangerous, unremitting bad luck;
  • Death.

But, of course, the deplorable consequences are felt by the victim not immediately after the love spell. In most cases, the bewitched person demonstrates seemingly sincere affection for the performer of the ceremony.

But years will pass, and the person will begin to show absolute indifference to the surrounding life. His mind will be slowly, but at the same time constantly collapse.

This can result in alcoholism, and a bewitched person can become a supporter of other addictions. Often a beloved person, in the old days, docile and soft, becomes very aggressive towards relatives.

In fairness, it should be noted that there are exceptions. A negative love spell may disappear if the love victim loves the performer of the rite sincerely with time.

Love will help restore the protective energy field and the love spell will eventually return to its natural state.

Payback for the spell may be different. If a strong rite is not used or the performer is not strong enough energy, then a strong love spell will not be able to perform independently.

And, therefore, the negative consequences will most likely be associated with some deterioration in health and possibly a series of bad luck.

Its dangerous consequences are black love spells, which are held at the cemetery, involve the use of biological attributes or call dark forces.

They can lead:

  • To break long-term relationships. The dark forces will begin to take away close friends and relatives from your life, which will bring unbearable pain.
  • For the loss of health for unexplained reasons, that is, diseases that are difficult to diagnose and, consequently, treat, develop.
  • Serious troubles in the financial sector until the complete bankruptcy.

Love spell is a sin or not?

But the most terrible consequence of the black love spells, is that if they are not fully worked out by the performer, they can be inherited. Most often this is expressed by problems in future generations with childbirth or the creation of a family.

When the performer begins to realize that the spell is a sin, then the question immediately arises whether it can be removed by any means. This need arises from the fact that the coercive influence on another person at the level of the energy field is always punishable.

Moreover, the payment for the perfect spell can be passed on to future generations.

First of all, you need to confess to a person that he is not beside you voluntarily. If necessary, it is necessary to help him get rid of the alien effects.

In order to get rid of a love spell, you must go to church and remember all your departed relatives. The more you remember the kinship, the better will be the removal of sin.

Be sure to put the candles for the rest, leave a mention in the church and order a memorial service.

Nine days after the memorial service, you must order in the temple a service for the health of all living relatives, friends and enemies. And again, you need to try not to miss anyone, no matter how you feel about them, and whether they love you.

A week after that, you need to order a prayer for your own health and after it, pick up holy water in the temple. On the same day, you should go around three temples and in each one put a candle for your own health and pray.

Some of the holy water must be given to the person who was bewitched by you, and persuaded him to drink it. Another part you need to drink a sip in the morning and evening for 40 days.

It should also be added in a small amount to the bath for bathing.

As a rule, these actions are enough to relieve a sin from a love spell. But in severe cases, if you do not feel spiritual purification you will have to turn to a professional magician.

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