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Love spell in words: the power of love words

The power of many love rituals, aimed at attracting a loved one, largely depends on the strength of the love words. In addition, magic offers many rituals, which use only a spell in words, not dressed in any other actions. Such rites have pagan roots, and came from the time of Ancient Russia.

But over time, most of the rituals were adapted to the Christian egregor.

Love spell in words: the power of love words

It is very important to understand that the love spell in words can be effective only if a strong love feeling is put into the spoken phrases from the performer of the ceremony. This is what makes it possible to provide a strong, targeted message of energy.

In most cases, the spell in words is used to talk food, which you need to treat your loved one, than to bewitch it to yourself.

Conspiracy on milk, which is considered a strong energy product, is very popular.

The magic words with the help of which milk is spoken can be:

“As a little child without milk disappears, loses weight and dies, as a small child needs a mother, so let the Slave of God (the name of a bewitched person) lose his body without me, the Slave of God (his own name). Suppose that he does not wander in another side and does not stare at other women.

Let him cling to me and holding me close, like a mother near her own child.

Let him follow me like a foal after a mare. Let him not move away from me, as the doors from the door frame do not leave.

Let him seek from the far end only to return to me alone. The cows in the pasture always reach for the haystacks, and the bees fly to the fragrant flowers, and the only one he will need in the whole world. Words are strong and strong, so be it.


Love spell in words: the power of love words

Also very popular is the rite for the seeds, which later need to treat your loved one.

In this case, the spell in words is as follows:

If you love a person a lot, you can use, for example, a short love spell on gingerbread just before tea time with your beloved. The main thing, when talking to the confectionery, to put all the soul into the spoken words.

The plot could be as follows:

Often used love spells in words, which contain an appeal to natural forces. They are usually held in the open air under certain conditions.

Very popular are love spells to the wind. This is a very strong impact, but the ritual must be carried out in full confidence in their abilities.

Remember that the elements of nature do not forgive mistakes and if improper conduct of the rites may have negative consequences.

Very popular are love spells to the wind. The following ceremony is held during a thunderstorm with the window wide open.

We need to wait for the whirlwind that will burst into the room.

After that, speak with feeling and very emotionally these words:

Love spell in words: the power of love words

There is a primitive rite in words that requires the attraction of powerful air currents. According to experienced magicians, the ritual will be productive if it is held in the mountains. But it is also allowed to conduct the ceremony on the roof of a high-rise building.

Speak the words you need, feeling the flow of air.

They sound like this:

It is imperative that you pay for this rite by tearing the banknote into small pieces and let them go downwind.

The conspiracy word is very powerful. Since it is filled with energy of the person performing the rite.

It is very important to charge the spoken phrases with positive energy, as this will minimize negative consequences.

Spending love spells in words, it is very important to prepare. Morale is very important for the maximum sending of targeted impact.

The performer of the rite should feel confident and he should not have any doubts about the effectiveness of the magic rite.

It is also very important to eliminate any possible distractions during the ceremony. The clothes of the performer should be free and not hamper the movements; in addition, all jewelry should be removed and makeup removed.

Before the ritual is recommended to steam in the bath.

It is very important to observe the sacrament of the rite. No one, even the closest people, can talk about their plans. And, of course, you can not hold a spell out of pure curiosity.

Another condition for the success of the ceremony — a positive attitude. Otherwise, all wishes in the love spell conspiracy can be self-reversed.

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