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Love spell in Walpurgis Night: help from the world of the dead

Many folk traditions and beliefs are associated with Walpurgis Night, which is celebrated from April 30 to May 1. It is believed that it is on this night that the gates between the worlds open and the souls of the departed can move freely around the world of the living.

Similarly, living people have the opportunity to visit the world of the dead.

It was on Walpurgis Night that the witches conducted their covens and orgies on Lysa Gora. In the pagan world, there was an ancient tradition of burning a witch on a bonfire on this night, which symbolized the purification of the world from all unclean things.

After the spread of Christianity, all pagan traditions and rituals were gradually forgotten. But until now, magicians believe that the bewitching rituals held on Walpurgis Night have great power.

Love spell in Walpurgis Night: help from the world of the dead

Any spell in Walpurgis Night should be read in the open. The optimal time for the ceremony is midnight.

Particularly effective are the conspiracies on Walpurgis Night, aimed at bringing love to life. Such rituals can be used by girls who believe that they are deprived of male attention in real life.

In the ritual, you need to use a branch of hawthorn or a curly rose, but you can replace them with a branch of wild rose. This plant grows almost everywhere.

Having broken off a twig from the top of a bush, you must turn your back to the east and walk about seven steps. Then you need to draw a circle near yourself, turn your face to the east and raise the branch of the plant above your head.

After that, these magic words are pronounced:

After pronouncing the magic words, you need to stick a branch of the plant in the center of the circle and leave the place where the rite is held very quickly and without looking back. If everything was done correctly and with a sincere belief in the power of magic, then soon in real life you will have a lot of fans.

On Walpurgis Night, rituals are held, the purpose of which is to bring the lover back. For one of the strongest rites, one needs to go to the nearest stream on the Walpurgis Night and collect spring water.

From any other natural source to collect water for the ceremony can not.

In addition, in the rite you need to use a fresh photo of a loved one. With this, as a rule, there are no difficulties, since it can be done using a mobile device.

There are no special requirements for the picture used in the magical rite.

The ritual should be carried out in the open air and it is quite possible to use a balcony for a magical action. Water from a natural source needs to be poured into a thin glass made of thin glass.

The photo must be dipped in a glass of water for a while. After that, you need to get it and put it on a flat surface.

Then on the lips of the chosen one must pour a little ordinary salt.

Then speak these magic words:

After pronouncing the magic words with a photo, you need to cover a glass of water and put it under your own bed.

The next day, a photograph of the chosen one should be hidden in a secluded place in his own house, and water should be used to prepare food or drink for his beloved. If this is not possible, then the water used in the ritual, you need to sprinkle the threshold of the house of his chosen one. Such a love spell in Walpurgis Night manifests itself positive results very quickly.

But for this you need to try to get your beloved one to see more often. With a successful scenario, at the end of May you will be with him.

The love spell, held on Walpurgis Night, can be used to extinguish differences that periodically arise between two people in love and establish harmonious relationships. Such a ritual can also prevent the imminent rupture of relations, so this love spell is quite suitable for couples who are close to divorce.

In the ritual it will be tedious to use ice cube from the freezer. If there is no such habit, to freeze the ice, then it will need to be done in advance.

Love spell in Walpurgis Night: help from the world of the dead

At midnight, you should retire in a separate room and put a piece of ice on the saucer in front of you. At the same time, on the table, besides a dish with a piece of ice, there should be nothing.

Next you need to sit at the table and carefully look at the melting of the ice, in the process you need to imagine how all conflicts and disagreements with your beloved melt and become absolutely insignificant as the ice turns into water.

At the end of the ceremony, the following magic words should be spoken:

After that, the melted water must be collected and at the first opportunity to pour it into any drink of the beloved man.

It is noteworthy that the love spells in Walpurgis Night do not subordinate a loved one, but allow you to find love or harmonize relationships. That is why such rituals, even in the modern world, remain very popular.

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