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Love spell in the new moon will strengthen the love relationship

Love spell in the new moon is considered very effective and is characterized by the duration of action. Such ceremonies are most suitable for cases when it is planned to establish new love relationships. Love spell is used to create a strong relationship for life.

Such effects are very powerful and it is very difficult to remove them.

Love spell in the new moon will strengthen the love relationship

If the heart is filled with love for a particular person, then it is possible in an arbitrary form just at the new moon to ask the Heavenly Star for help in love affairs.

For example, a love spell in the new moon may sound as follows:

New Moon in Greek mythology refers to the reign of the goddess Hecate, who is considered the deity of the moon and moonlight. It was during this period that her power was especially powerful, and this is an important factor in the success of the time-consuming rites.

Love spell in the new moon, suggesting the blessing of Hecate rather complex and need to be carefully prepared for it. If possible, you should follow a strict diet before the exercise.

The diet should include dishes prepared with products of plant origin only. In addition, you need to tune in to the positive and abandon all cases, gradually focusing on the purpose of the ceremony.

The following attributes should be prepared for the ritual:

  • A fresh photo of a bewitched person;
  • Own recent photo;
  • A flap of new black fabric;
  • A flap of new red fabric;
  • The candle is red;
  • Chicken blood.

The ritual is held during the new moon at a deserted intersection. There you need to lay out a patch of black cloth and pour chicken blood on it.

After this, it is necessary to read this plot:

Immediately after speaking the words, it is necessary to leave the intersection and, without looking back, go home. In no case can you talk to a random passerby.

Love spell in the new moon will strengthen the love relationship

Houses need to continue the rite. To do this, it is necessary to pave a red piece of cloth on the table, put a photo of the beloved on it, and on top of your own picture.

After that, you need to light a red candle and hold it over the photo, dripping on the pictures around the perimeter, so that they are held together.

In the process, the following words are pronounced:

This love spell in the new moon is repeated 9 times in a row. While reading the plot it is important to be able to visualize the image of a loved one and present it next to you.

If you can fully concentrate on your desire to be with your loved one, then the love spell in the new moon will be successful.

The candle should be placed at the head of the image in the photo and leave to burn. A candle stub and pictures should be tightly tied into a red cloth and stored in a secret place.

There is a simplified version of this rite. Such a love spell in the new moon is adapted to the Christian tradition and does not contain an appeal to the goddess of moonlight, Hecate.

In the ritual should use the church candle. All actions of the ceremony are similar to those described above.

But only two welded photos are not wrapped in a red patch, but tied tightly with a red tape, the ends of which are fixed on the pictures with the help of wax candles.

In the process, a very simple magic phrase is uttered:

Most simple love spells in the new moon are very powerful. Therefore, it is hardly worth fixing on complex rites.

The particular complexity of each successful impact is that it is very important to visualize the image of a loved one for a guaranteed energetic and focused message. But when the heart is filled with love, it is unlikely that someone will have this difficulty.

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