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Love spell in the full moon on the man — to read the strongest

How to read a strong love spell for full moon love to act?

A love spell on a man in the full moon has a very big power. After all, it is at this time that the moon reaches the peak of its strength. No wonder that the most powerful magic rituals perform exactly during the full moon — the lunar energy allows you to achieve any of your intended goals.

Talk about how to charm a loved one correctly.

Love spell in the full moon on the man - to read the strongest

The easiest spell on the love of a man in the full moon

To conduct this ceremony, you will need a clear and high-quality photograph of the chosen one. It is necessary to use a photo, because it carries a powerful charge of human energy, it is a part of his soul.

You will also need two candles. It is important that they are white and red.

Wait until midnight for the full moon. Sit in front of the window so that moonlight penetrates the room.

Light candles, take a photo of a loved one. Look carefully into his eyes and read the plot:

“On a magical night, when the full moon has arrived, I want to slave the servant of God (the name of the chosen one). He (the name of the chosen one) will miss me, the servant of God (your name), his heart will reach out to me, his soul will merge with mine. Without me, he will not be able to enjoy life, he will only love me, he will stop looking at other women.

I will become the only love, chosen one, spouse, lover. And when the full moon in the sky rises again, our mutual love is born. Let it be so!


The text of the plot must be read three times. Then sit in silence for some time, introducing your loved one and your joint happy future. Then drip wax from both candles in the photo.

Wait until the flame goes out.

In the period until the next full moon, the beloved will begin to seek your attention and look for meetings. After that, it is believed that the ritual worked.

Important: The full moon spell should be read very calmly. Fill the day before performing the rite with positive emotions, avoid negative things.

Difficult, but strong spell in the full moon

This love spell for a full moon for a man should be read when you already have a beloved, with whom there is at least a little mutual sympathy. Because he does not create feelings, but inflames them.

Love spell in the full moon on the man - to read the strongest

You will need only church candles. They should be thin and made of wax.

Candles need to take three.

About an hour before midnight, get ready for a magical ritual. You need to sit in front of the window in which the full moon is visible. Light two candles and put them on a window sill or table, start warming a third in your hands.

At this time, try to restore the image of the beloved in your thoughts. Think of him with warmth and positive emotions.

Gradually, the wax will become more and more soft. At this time, start from the third candle to make a ring. Close your eyes and whisper clearly read the text of the love spell:

“The young month was growing up, getting bigger and stronger. The feelings of the servant of God (the name of the chosen one) towards me also grew and grew larger. The moon has become full, the energy of heaven filled.

May the heart of my chosen one, the servant of God (the name of a man), overflow with love for me, may his thoughts about me alone be. Now the moon will keep our love, and our destinies will forever unite.

Let it be so! Amen!»

After you say the magic words three times, you can open your eyes. Candle, closed in a ring must be removed in a secluded place, and lit candles to extinguish and throw away.

This love spell is good because it can be stopped at any time. If you decide that your feelings are gone, and want to part with a man, do not have to do a top. It is enough to get a wax ring and melt it in a water bath.

After that, the magic spell will fall, and everything will return to normal.

The spell of the full moon on the water

Water has a very powerful energy, so it can be used for a love spell. To complete this ceremony you will need:

  • Two candles — white and red. It is desirable that the candles were wax, because the wax is a very warm material that keeps the energy in it
  • Photo of the elect, on which his eyes are clearly and clearly visible. It is better to use portrait photos
  • Bowl of water. Ideally, the bowl will be made of silver, because silver things have a very positive energy. In extreme cases, use clay capacity.

Love spell in the full moon on the man - to read the strongest

In the full moon, place in front of you a photograph of a man to be enchanted. Next to the photo, place a container with water, light candles. Tune in and say the magic words three times:

“As the moon became great and great, so the feelings of a servant of God to me (the name of a man) may be great and great. Let his heart be filled with great love for me, let him draw me to him every minute, let my image be only in my thoughts. My word is strong, the connection between us is strong, and it cannot be separated.

Let it be so! Amen!».

After you conspire, drink some water. From this moment the spell will begin to act.

Watch the video on how to make a full moon spell:

Water and candles that you used for a magical ritual, you must save and put away in a secluded place. They will be needed if you change your mind and want to “cancel” the love spell action.

To perform a lapel, it is enough to give the beloved to drink water and then melt the candles in a water bath, and then pour the wax into the ground.

Very often, girls make a spell on emotions, thoughtlessly. The methods that we have described make it possible to bring everything back to normal — to cancel the action of the conspiracy.

This is very good, because it saves you from the negative consequences that a spell inflicts on your soul and bewitched, and yours.

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