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Love spell in the distance

Love spell at a distance — two effective methods

If you want to bewitch a loved one who is far away, the spell will help at a distance. This is a powerful magic ritual that can make a chosen one a strong attraction to you.

Let’s talk about the methods of such a love spell, its features and consequences.

Rules and Recommendations

To make an enchantment effective and pass without negative consequences, follow these recommendations:

  1. Do not seek to bewitch a married man or one who is in love with another girl. Destroying someone else’s happiness, you will attract only misfortune in your life, and you will not be able to have a normal relationship with your chosen one
  2. Before you decide on a spell, try to use other ways to attract the attention of the beloved.
  3. Follow all instructions and sequence of actions in each of the spell variants
  4. Do not act in the hearts and strong emotions. The decision to perform a magical ritual should be balanced and deliberate.

Love spell in the distance

Next, we consider two options for powerful love spells, which will help to attract the chosen one, even at a great distance.

Love spell at a distance with nodules

This kind of love spell has powerful enough power and is capable of evoking deep feelings in a man towards you.

Observe the following rules:

  • Perform the rite on an empty stomach. Since it is done in the evening, try not to eat anything during the day or at least refrain from heavy food.
  • You must be calm and relaxed. Consciousness must be concentrated on positive thoughts. Think of your chosen one only in a positive way, imagine why you are grateful to him, remember all his good qualities

To perform a magical ritual you will need a long strong thread and three wax church candles. It is desirable that the thread was made of natural material.

Wait for the sunset, cover the windows with curtains, light the candles and place them in the corners of the room so that they form a triangle. Sit yourself in the center of this imaginary triangle.

The face should face one of the candles.

Then start tying a tight knot on the thread, saying the words of the bewitching conspiracy:

Love spell in the distance

After you utter a plot, continue to tighten the knot as tightly as possible. Repeat the ritual three times, each time facing the new candle.

As a result, you will have a thread with three knots. Put out the candles and immediately go to bed, putting the plotted thread under the pillow.

Gradually, the man will begin to feel a strong attraction to you. But remember that it is impossible to create true love through a love spell — true feelings arise only voluntarily.

All you can count on is a strong, physical, sexual attraction.

Love spell in the distance with a mirror

The mirror surface is often used for love spells, because it has serious magical properties. Such a love spell will give a very quick result and has a minimum of negative consequences.

Prepare two large mirrors and set them opposite each other. Only in no case look into the «corridor», which is formed in the reflections.

You need to sit next to the mirrors. Dissolve hair and bare legs, remove shoes. In the hands of the need to hold a burning candle.

Look strictly at the flame. And wait until the candle completely burns out.

On the palm will remain a small amount of melted wax, which must be rubbed into one of the mirrors. During the ritual, think about the chosen one only in a positive way.

Imagine how you spend time together.

Love spell in the distance

To complete the ceremony, place the mirrors on top of each other, with the reflecting surface inward. Cover them with a shirt or dress that was worn on you during the ritual.

At night, go out and force the mirrors to the ground so that they break.

Pick up the shards and shirt (dress), take it to a secluded place and bury. Then go home without talking to anyone along the way.

On this rite is considered over.

Consequences of love spell

If you decide on such a desperate step, it means that all other methods to cause feelings of the chosen one do not work. We want to warn — love spell is very dangerous.

Therefore, try to try other methods first or switch to another young person, feelings for which will be mutual.

What is dangerous spell:

  1. Forced intervention in the mind of a person changes him for the worse. Usually a friendly and caring man can turn into a real tyrant. Often, the bewitched becomes addicted to alcohol, drugs or games. He will be attracted to you — but will you like his changed personality?
  2. A man bewitched becomes unhappy. He may be depressed regularly. He has thoughts of suicide. Lost interest in life. Charming a man, you doom him to misfortune and suffering
  3. Sometimes a love spell negatively affects the health of a man. Charm begins to dry out before our eyes. In rare cases even death is possible.

And numerologists even consider: if a man is with a woman not on his own will, but is embroiled in a relationship on her initiative, he will unconsciously start avenging her. An initiative can be not only a spell, but also a variety of female manipulations and tricks.

Watch the video on how to make a powerful spell on a man at a distance:

Therefore, if you seek to keep the chosen one by force, you will be unhappy. He will treat you badly, maybe beat, morally mock.

Are you ready for this turn of events?

Love spell is not dangerous only if you perform a ritual against a person who already loves you. The ceremony can be carried out to strengthen the already existing feelings.

Then the consequences will not be so dangerous and terrible.

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