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Love spell in the cemetery — ways, reviews, consequences

Cemetery love spell — ways, reviews, consequences

One of the most powerful tools of love magic is a love spell at the cemetery. Not every girl will decide to do this sinister rite.

And if you dare to resort to just such a way to attract a loved one, it is important to know how to properly implement your plans.

Love spell in the cemetery - ways, reviews, consequences

Love spell in the graveyard: ways

The cemetery love spell is an ominous enough ritual. He belongs exclusively to black magic, so it is important to be aware of the consequences.

What threatens such a rite, consider below, but first we will talk about the methods and techniques of performing the cemetery love tea.

Important: such a love spell is very dangerous. He not only completely blocks the consciousness of bewitched, but also adversely affects his health.

To avoid bad consequences as much as possible, follow the rules of the ceremony thoroughly.

Love spell in the cemetery

To perform such a ceremony, you have to spend quite a long time in an ominous churchyard. If it is morally difficult for you and you do not have enough courage to decide, use the “light versions” of the ceremony, for which it is enough to take things from the cemetery or buy cemetery paraphernalia.

To perform the ritual you will need:

  1. Accurate and high-quality snapshot chosen. In the photo a man should be alone. It is desirable that the eyes were clearly visible
  2. Personal thing chosen. It could be a piece of clothing, a diary or something else. Ideally, it should be a piece of jewelry or a watch that a man carries with him constantly
  3. Red towel. Be sure to buy a new towel that has not been used yet.
  4. A piece of animal meat. It must be fresh. Ideally, for the ceremony use the flesh of an animal that was slain the day before.

Prepare everything you need and go to the churchyard. Find the graves old enough.

It is desirable that they be abandoned and neglected. The departed must be the namesake of your chosen one

Under the photo of the deceased, place a photo of your chosen one, and next put a piece of meat. Then stand in front of the grave and, looking into the eyes of the man in the photo, say the words of the love spell conspiracy:

Love spell in the cemetery - ways, reviews, consequences

The plot must be pronounced clearly, clearly and without hesitation, mentally imagining the image of the chosen one in his imagination.

After reading, you need to impose a cross over the grave of the deceased with a towel. Close to the grave, bury the jewelry or personal item of the beloved man.

After that, go home immediately. Do not look back and take anything with you.

This version of the cemetery love spell is the strongest and most effective of all of them. But you must be fully aware of the consequences of such an act.

Cemetery love spell: the consequences

Reviews of those who did the cemetery love spell, very disappointing. Yes, love magic works, and very quickly. But the consequences are manifested in this way:

  • The girl begins to torment the constant nightmares — infernal pictures do not allow you to sleep peacefully, often in the night visions there is a dead person, who could be disturbed
  • There arises and pursues a constant, uncontrollable fear of death, which passes only in the presence of a loved one.
  • The understanding comes that feelings for the chosen one were far-fetched and false, I want to cancel the love spell, but I can’t get rid of the obsession of the once beloved man

Such consequences do not always manifest themselves — if you are a person with a sufficiently strong energy, you are unlikely to feel something like that. But the inspired and impressionable girls after the perfect ceremony live in constant irrational fear and shudder from any rustle.

For a bewitched man, the consequences almost always arise. They can manifest themselves in the following:

  • The chosen one will begin to experience constant apathy and weakness. For no apparent reason, it often hurts and feels dizzy.
  • If you made a mistake and performed the ritual incorrectly, the death of a beloved man may be a consequence.
  • A man may become addicted to drugs and alcohol because his mind and will are weak. He is not able to control himself and quickly dies away, leaning on bad habits
  • The bewitched can find an incurable disease.
  • There are problems with the psyche, which can result in mental illness and constant «registration» in a mental hospital.
  • The behavior of the bewitched becomes inadequate: he is extremely aggressive, irritable, malicious and unfair

Watch the video on how to make a spell in the cemetery:

How to remove a graveyard love spell?

Often the girl on emotions uses black love magic, then gets the consequences, gets scared and wants to cancel everything she has done. Remove the spell, perfect in the cemetery, is quite difficult.

But you can try to make such a rite.

Come to church and confess. Order three prayers in different temples.

After they finish, cook with kutya, pancakes and jelly. Visit the grave of the deceased, in which you did the rite.

Put cooked food at the grave and say a prayer:

Love spell in the cemetery - ways, reviews, consequences

One thing is not limited. Repeat the ritual to the ninth and fortieth day.

And then how lucky — either the spell will be removed, or traces of black magic will remain on you forever. It happens that the consequences are manifested in the descendants of the one that decided on an ominous rite — up to the seventh generation.

The cemetery love spell is a very strong and effective thing, but also quite dangerous. If you are afraid and not sure that you can do everything right, better turn to white love magic.

It is less strong, but does not harm your soul and does not adversely affect your chosen one.

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