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Love spell in the cemetery — features and methods of execution

Any love spell in the cemetery refers to the rites of black magic. Such rituals are very powerful and very effective.

But they should be used with caution, since their consequences may be negative not only for the victim of the love spell, but also for the performer of the ceremony.

Love spell in the cemetery - features and methods of execution

A feature of any cemetery rite is that it greatly affects a person and can drastically change his life. Therefore, you can use cemetery magic to attract a person to yourself only when you are 100% sure of your feelings and are ready to live alongside your chosen one or chosen one all your life and become his or her reliable support or support.

It is very important to strictly follow the recommendations of a particular rite. When performing a ritual, one cannot take initiative and change, for example, a sequence of magical actions.

Most of the cemetery love spells involves the night holding. But if it is not possible to get to the cemetery at night, then the ceremony should be held as late as possible in the evening and always after sunset.

The best period for carrying out a cemetery love spell is the full moon. Strengthens the power of the love spell in the cemetery full moon, which during the ceremony should be visible in the sky.

There is a huge variety of cemetery love spells. But they all have tremendous power and are able to completely subjugate the will of man.

Performing the bewitching rite at the cemetery, the performer comes into contact with otherworldly forces. That is why in no case can one violate instructions and be self-motivated, this is fraught with disastrous consequences.

The love spell in the cemetery must be carried out in complete silence, since it is impossible to disturb the souls of the departed. It is necessary to leave the dead in the form of wine, honey comb, sliced ​​apple, sweets and bread. After the payoff is left, you need to turn your back to the grave and say the word «Paid».

After that, you need to go home immediately and very quickly. It is impossible to stop at any other graves after the rite.

A cemetery rite aimed at the spell of a man is recommended to be held on men’s days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Women’s days are more suitable for carrying out the bewitching effect aimed at a woman: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

There are ceremonies that do not require a visit to the cemetery, in such events the souls of the departed are called from a distance. But these are very complex rituals that require a powerful energy send.

Independently without special training, it is very difficult to carry out this, therefore such professional cemetery rituals can be performed only by professional magicians.

There are a huge number of options for the love graveyard rites. Therefore, you can choose them for any particular case.

Strong love spells are rituals that use graveyard land.

One of the strongest ceremonies involves the following actions:

  • In the evening, you need to go to the cemetery and, having passed through it, take a handful of earth from forty graves in which the departed lie with the name of your chosen one.
  • When you come home, you need to retire in a separate room, pour the brought earth onto the pallet and say these magic words:

Earth should be hidden, and while it is stored, your chosen one will be like a magnet to attract you. In order to avoid negative consequences, after a love spell, you should try to awaken genuine sincere feelings in a sweetheart. In this case, the effect of the love spell will gradually weaken, and after confidence in strong mutual feelings appears, the land should be carried to the cemetery and poured out on one of the graves.

In this case, be sure to leave something.

Also strong is the love spell in the cemetery with a photo chosen. But you need to spend it only if you plan to live a long happy life with your favorite person.

The ceremony is held at the cemetery at midnight.

For it should be in addition to a snapshot of the chosen one and your own photo, prepare the following attributes:

  • Lampad oil in a volume of half a liter;
  • Thirty sheets of chilibuch;
  • Three red and three black candles.

The ritual is held at the grave of your chosen one’s namesake. During the ceremony, the following actions are performed:

  • Candles are lit at the grave, first red, then black;
  • Photos are put between them;
  • Shredded chilibuch leaves pour into the pictures;
  • From above photos are sprayed with lamp oil;
  • Two candles of different colors are taken in each of the hands and the photos are set on fire from them, after which the candles are immediately put back on the grave.
  • Wait until the pictures are burned out, and sprinkle them with earth, saying magic words:

Love spell in the cemetery - features and methods of execution

This love spell must be performed in the cemetery late at night, at other times it will not be effective.

Going to the cemetery you need to take with you:

  • A spool of thread that you have already used;
  • A shirt chosen from buttons.

In the cemetery you should find the grave of the deceased, whose name coincides with the name of your beloved. At the foot of the grave should bury the spool of thread.

After that, with the shirt chosen one must go home and hide it in a secluded place.

The rite should continue after three days. To do this again at night you need to go to the cemetery and pick up the thread.

Then you need to quickly and without looking around, without saying anything to go home.

Homes should be alone in a separate room, light a church candle and turn off artificial lighting. Then you should get the hidden shirt and cut off all the buttons from it.

After that, you need to re-sew them with threads brought from the cemetery.

In the process of sewing should say the following words:

Such a love act will begin in nine days. And if the ceremony was conducted with full confidence in their own abilities, the result will be very long.

This ritual should be performed only if you know that your chosen one has sympathy for you.

All cemetery rituals are distinguished not only by great strength, but also begin to act almost immediately. The fact that the bewitching effect began to work said the deterioration of health in a bewitched person in the first days after the ceremony.

Over time, the state of health stabilizes, but only if the victim of the ceremony experiences a natural sympathy for the performer of the ceremony. If a person begins to resist an alien influence at a subconscious level, then the state of health of the victim can only worsen.

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