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Love spell in the bath: the magic of four elements

Any magic rituals that are held in the bath are very powerful. And love spells are no exception.

First of all, this is due to the fact that the bath cleans the body under the influence of all four elements: water, fire, earth and air. This combination allows you to increase the natural power of human energy, and, consequently, make the philtre effect stronger.

Love spell in the bath: the magic of four elements

There are many different love spells that are performed in the bath. They differ in the way they are held.

They can use different conspiracies, but the goal of all such rituals is always to attract a loved one to your life.

In order to awaken love feelings in the heart of a person you like, you should spend a special love spell in the bath. This ceremony can not be held in any bath.

It is important that in the sauna room there is an open stove in which special magic words are pronounced.

This love spell in the bath is suitable both for bewitching a man and for attracting the love of a girl. But it is important to bewitch a guy on men’s days: Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, and to bewitch a girl on women’s days: Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

First you need to relax, and then slowly say these magic words into the open door of the oven:

At this ceremony is considered completed and in the near future, the love spell will surely work.

Love spell in the bath: the magic of four elements

In the bath, you can hold a bewitching rite, with which you can enhance the feelings of her husband. Such a ritual will be especially useful if you feel the cooling of your husband.

To do this, you need to bathe in the bath in the usual way, but the first sweat on your face should be wiped with a clean towel.

After that, speak him in these words:

After the words are spoken, you need to set aside the conspired towel and continue taking water treatments. After washing this towel you need to hang out to dry on the street.

Well, if this night the sky will not be closed by clouds, and the stars will shine on it.

Alternatively, you can use another, shorter, conspiracy in the bath:

In the early morning you need to remove the towel and be sure to file it with your husband after washing. It should be ensured that no one else uses this towel.

After that, the towel should be hidden in a secluded place so that no one will ever find it.

Love spells in the bath can be held at any time, regardless of the lunar phase. But it is clear that in the period of the growing moon, the effects will be more effective.

Many love spells are recommended to start with a visit to the bath, it greatly increases the power of the directional love message.

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