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Love spell in a new moon on a photo without consequences

How to charm a guy in the new moon on the photo

Very often, girls who are desperate to get the attention of their chosen one using “legitimate” methods tend to bewitch him. And it is precisely the spell in the new moon that is especially effective, because at this time the energy of the moon is directed towards creation, the formation of something new.

Let’s talk about how to make a spell on the new moon.

Love spell in a new moon on a photo without consequences

Love spell in new moon: rules and recommendations

Before you begin a magical ritual, learn the following rules. They need to be followed in order for the love spell to act and have minimal damage to your soul and your chosen one.

  • Do not wait for instant results. Love spell does not happen instantly — you need to wait until your request reaches and the energy of the moon begins to act
  • Believe in success. If you are skeptical, doubt and do a love spell without faith — nothing happens
  • Do not expect that bewitched man will remain in love with you forever. The power of the love spell will depend on your energy — if it is not enough, the love spell will be short-lived
  • Consider that the love spell does not cause feeling of love. It only creates physical attraction and craving for you, but it is not worth waiting for love. It can occur only if the man himself feels it.
  • Carefully follow the procedure and say the words of a love spell clearly, without distortion
  • The magical ritual is performed in silence and complete solitude, late in the evening .. There should be no one in the room except you, including pets.
  • The window must be wide open for moonlight to enter the room.

Further we will share the checked and operating «recipes» of love spells.

Love spell in a new moon on a photo without consequences

Effective love spells in the new moon

Love spells are different. Choose the appropriate and closest way to you.

Love spell for new moon photography

This is the most common and easiest way. You will need a high-quality and clear picture of your lover.

You can search for photos in his social networks or ask for a photo taken together.

The spell on the photo is most effective, because the image of a person contains a powerful charge of his energy, it is a part of his soul.

How to make a love spell on the photo:

  1. Prepare the room — you must be in complete silence and solitude. Turn off the lights, music
  2. Prepare items that are needed for the ritual: a photo of the one to be bewitched, a wax candle and a wool thread in red or white
  3. On the back of the picture, write your name, put a “+” sign below, and write the name of the chosen one below. Draw a line under the names and draw a heart
  4. Thread the thread into the needle and sew it along the perimeter of the photo. Movements must be directed clockwise. During the manipulations, utter the coveted phrase: “As the thread follows the needle, so does my betrayed Ivan, behind Natalia, by me”. Names should be pronounced your and beloved
  5. At the end of the ritual tie the knots at the ends of the threads, pour them with wax from a lit candle. Cross the photo and say: «Let it be so»
  6. Wait for the candle to burn out. Wrap the photo with paper or cloth and put it in a secret place. At this love spell is considered over.

Love spell in a new moon on a photo without consequences

Love spell in new moon to enhance feelings

This magical ritual is used to strengthen the feelings of the chosen one with whom you are already together. It can be used if you feel that the beloved has lost interest in you and does not feel the same passion.

  • Wax church candles in the amount of three pieces. It is important to use just such candles, because wax has a special energy — candles made of paraffin will not help bewitch
  • Matches to light candles. Do not use lighters.

The ritual is performed in the following sequence:

  • Light two candles and take a third one in your hands to warm the wax with the warmth of your own body.
  • Gradually, the third candle will warm, become soft. From it you need to fashion a ring. In the process, think about your loved one, mentally imagine his image, remember the positive moments associated with it
  • Speak the plot: “Just as the Moon is filled with energy, so the heart of my condemned (name) is filled with love for me. Our feelings will save the sky, the moon will connect our hearts. Amen!»

Say the cherished words three times. Then wait until the lighted two candles completely burn out and go out.

Wax ring must be wrapped with a natural cloth or a sheet of clean paper, and then put away in a secret place.

Watch the video on how to make a spell in the new moon:

Why you should not make a spell on the new moon?

Before you decide to make a spell, you must understand the full degree of responsibility and the consequences that may come to you if you decide on such a thing.

The fact is that a woman must choose a chosen one from those who like her. She has the right to choose, but in the sense that she can answer “Yes” or “No” to the cavalier who has taken the initiative.

If a girl is trying by hook or by crook to get a man who is indifferent to her from the very beginning, she is very harmful to herself and to him.

If a man gives in to manipulation or becomes bewitched, he will unconsciously take revenge on his unwitting chosen one for the rest of his life. Very often one can hear stories about how a woman bewitched a man, and he turned her life into a living hell, drank, beat, became a tyrant.

A man bewitched ceases to control his mind. He becomes dependent not only on you, but also attracts all sorts of other addictions — drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction, smoking.

He will be near you, but no one will be happy in this pair.

So think carefully — do you need such a fate, or is it better to pay attention to any of the men who have long been in love with you.

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