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Love spell — how to read without consequences?

Love spell — how to read without consequences?

What if your relationship with your loved one is on the verge of breaking? Either he has already left, but you can not forget him and want to return?

The solution is: ask for help from … water and make a love spell! Not sure how to read a love spell?

Read this article.

Love spell - how to read without consequences?

Features of love spell on the water

Water is a unique natural ingredient. It became widespread in various magical influences, moreover from the most ancient times.

Sorcerers and magicians have long noticed that water has memory and can act as a storage and transmission of any information. Later this property of one of the four natural elements was thoroughly and thoroughly studied by scientists.

They managed to prove that this ability of water is real.

Water is simply the ideal ingredient for performing the bewitching rite. Judge for yourself:

  • Water can be given any program — it is this quality that magicians use;
  • it is almost impossible to suspect about a love spell with the help of water, since the conspiracy fluid is most often added to food or drink, which looks completely natural;
  • 80% of the human body consists of water, and this greatly increases the power of magical interaction;
  • love spell refers to the rituals of white magic, therefore, is characterized by relative safety and almost no negative consequences;
  • a love spell for water does not suppress the energy and will of the bewitched, but merely pushes him to respond to the customer or performer. In this case, the couple can always part by mutual agreement, if the joint life does not work. Nobody will suffer from this separation.

Most often, holy water is used for the bewitching ritual, from a natural source (spring) or a well — such liquid simply cannot harm. There are rites and running water.

Nuances when reading a love spell

Love spell - how to read without consequences?

When making a love rite for water on your own, you should take into account several important nuances affecting the success of the ritual:

  • learn the text of the plot by heart;
  • perform the rite after 5 pm;
  • the ritual is performed alone, no one can be told about it;
  • nothing should disturb you: eliminate all sources of noise;
  • the window must be open, and your view is directed exactly to it;
  • read the conspiracy aloud only once; if you want to practice — do it yourself;
  • all containers and other attributes required for the rite must be completely new and clean; after the ritual they need to be thrown away or buried.

Performing a love spell on the water does not differ special wisdoms. He will be able to make every person who is not indifferent to the fate of his own happiness.

A loved one will certainly be there if you want it badly. The main thing is to tune in to work correctly, drop all negative thoughts, visualize, presenting only positive and joyful, and you will succeed!

How to make a love spell on the water?

Method number 1 — well or spring water

This method helps to bewitch both the male and the female. Prepare water, fluid container and church candle.

Love spell - how to read without consequences?

  1. Pour water into the tank, place it so that you can see your reflection in it.
  2. Light a candle and read the spell: “As without water, people dry and dry, so would God, the servant of God (s)(name of the bewitched) suh (la) and dried out (a), from love would suffer (a). Come you, aches, boredom, dryness, to God’s servant (s) (name of the bewitched). Cling, fasten in his (her) eyes and eyebrows, in his (her) lips and cheeks, in the heart of a zealous and playful disposition.
  3. Drink a love spell as if with water. You can pour in drink or food, in several stages. The main condition is that a person should drink all the magical fluid.

Method number 2 — on holy water and photos

The rite helps to return the departed loved one. To carry out the ritual in advance, purchase in the church red candle and holy water. Also prepare photo of a beloved man, new matchbox, glass and white paper sheet.

The rite is held in the evening, alone.

  1. Fill a glass with holy water.
  2. Sprinkle the candle with holy water, let it dry by itself, focus your thoughts on your beloved.
  3. When the candle dries, light it with a match from a new matchbox.
  4. Zadayte match and put next.
  5. Direct your gaze to your favorite photo, look into his eyes.
  6. Start visualizing: remember the joyful and positive moments from your life together with your loved one. If you suddenly begin to overcome thoughts of negative content, postpone the implementation of the ritual.
  7. If you manage to imagine pleasant memories, roll a photo of your favorite with a straw and put it in a glass of water.
  8. Take a glass of water in hand and read the spell: “You are the one who will come to me soon. You are the one who is always waiting for me. Happiness will soon find you and me, and this love spell will become eternal for both of us ”.
  9. Put a glass on the table, cross it 3 times.
  10. Light a match by lighting a candle and let it burn to the end. At the same time constantly say: «Help me». Burn the match down into a glass of water.
  11. Extinguish the candle by dipping the wick in the water.
  12. Cover the glass with a sheet of white paper and hide it securely so that no one can find it and see it.

As the picture of a loved one in a glass of water changes, his attitude to you will change. He must certainly return.

Another way to love the water in the video, see:

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