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Love spell — how to attract the attention of a beloved man

Love spell — how to attract the attention of a beloved man

Love spell is considered one of the most effective in love magic. Salt is an excellent conductor of any energy, both negative and positive.

Therefore, you can lay into it any magic program, speak to love and attract the beloved. Consider the popular ways of love spells on salt.

Rules and Recommendations

To make a spell on salt to be as effective as possible, you need to follow the following rules:

  1. Buy ordinary salt for the rite, with no impurities or additives. Make sure that there is no garbage. The salt should be cleaned and energetically — for this it is necessary to speak it in the church or to put a silver object in a container with salt and leave it overnight
  2. Love spells are read only in the period when the moon is growing. This is the most favorable time, because the lunar energy is aimed at creating, attracting love and all the most positive things in a person’s life.
  3. You need to make a spell either at dawn or after sunset. If you do the rite in the morning, do it on an empty stomach.
  4. Coarse salt works best for a love spell.
  5. The ceremony should take place in complete silence and tranquility. You need to mentally tune in a positive way, to concentrate all your energy of goodness. Do not make a love spell if you are overwhelmed by negative emotions.

In principle, these are all necessary rules. More specific information is provided in each of the ways of love spell.

The love of her husband’s salt

This variant of the ceremony is suitable if you are married to a man. And it refers to the official marriage, registered in the registry office.

Cohabitation and “civil marriage” are not considered a marriage.

If you are worried about your husband getting cold. Or do you suspect that he has a lover, such a love spell — the best option to return the relationship to a favorable course.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Cook the salt
  • Wake up early in the morning before dawn.
  • Cover the table with a black tablecloth
  • Light a red candle and put it on the table
  • Place a saucer with salt next to the candle.
  • Read the love spell conspiracy

The plot text is as follows:

Love spell - how to attract the attention of a beloved man

Then mix the salt with the one you usually use for cooking. Treat your spouse with cooked dishes with salt spelled every day.

Gradually, the love spell will gain more power, and the husband will only think about you.

Love spell for the beloved

This ceremony will help bewitch the chosen one, with whom you meet, but not yet married. If you suspect that the feelings of the men are cold, or want to get a marriage proposal, the ceremony will help.

  • Wait until sunset until the sun is completely below the horizon.
  • Light two red candles and put them on the table, next put a picture of the chosen one. The picture should be clear and of high quality, and a man alone is depicted on it.
  • Prepare the salt that needs to be poured into a bag made from natural linen fabric.
  • Wait until the candles burn out, pour the salt into the glass container
  • “Salt” the flame of the candle and read the love spell

Love spell - how to attract the attention of a beloved man

After the ceremony, wait until the candles are completely burned, and hide the candle ends in a secluded place. Photo put there too.

And add salt to the food that you will be cooking for your chosen one.

Why doesn’t the spell work?

Love ceremonies do not always bring the desired result. This happens in the following cases:

  1. You do not believe in the power of a love spell. Unconditional and sincere belief that the rite will work is the main condition for its effectiveness. So leave doubts
  2. The man who needs to bewitch has a very strong positive energy. It creates an invisible barrier from which any kind of magical manipulation bounces off. To interest such a man better traditional female ways
  3. Your chosen one has already bewitched. In this case, you first need to make a cuff, and only then use the love spells

Watch the video on how to do a spell on salt:

Lapel from the rival on the salt

Consider how to make the rite of the cuff of a rival, if your beloved is already experiencing feelings for some other woman.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Cook a white candle and light it
  • Pour salt in a large metal spoon.
  • Begin to heat the container with salt over the flame of a candle and at the same time utter the words of a turn-away plot.

Love spell - how to attract the attention of a beloved man

The salt used for the ceremony is then poured into a glass bowl and covered with a scarf. Above put a picture of a beloved man.

Sit down and concentrate all your thoughts on the chosen one.

Imagine it, list all the good qualities that attract you. Imagine happy pictures of the future together.

After the ceremony, salt should be poured into the ground behind the house, bury the plate and spoon. At this the top is considered complete, and the man must stop experiencing feelings for the opponent.

Important: if you want the generated magical manipulations not to have negative consequences, follow these recommendations:

  1. Do not tell anyone about your intention to perform the ceremony. Keep the information in strict confidence
  2. Make sure that the stuff used for the love spell, no one ever found
  3. Act only with good intentions. Do not try with the help of a love spell to lead a married man and destroy someone’s family.

If you follow the rules clearly and sincerely believe in the power of love magic, the desired result will come very quickly.

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