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Love spell girls — how to choose and conduct a ritual

There is an opinion that representatives of the beautiful half of mankind are mostly interested in magic. It really is.

But, nevertheless, a girl’s love spell is a very popular rite, which is in demand among young people. And, most often, it is used in the case of unrequited love.

Love spell girls - how to choose and conduct a ritual

You should know that a girl’s love spell requires special training and a special attitude, otherwise it may be ineffective. So that the ritual does not have negative consequences either for the beloved or for himself, it is necessary to choose only the rites of white magic.

What would the rite was effective, it should be carried out in the period of the growing moon.

When deciding to use magic to attract the love of a girl to you, it is very important to properly tune in to the rite. It is necessary to understand that it is necessary to carry out a love accent in a positive mood.

All negativity needs to be driven away from one’s own consciousness, replacing it with complete self-righteousness.

Ritual should be chosen depending on their own goals. If you want to arouse interest in yourself in a girl, then you need to use only the rites of white magic. Black influences have great power.

With their help, you can bind for a long time, so in such cases you need to have absolute confidence in your own love. Do not use strong rites, if there is the slightest doubt in their own abilities.

An unsuccessful ceremony can harm not only the victim, but also the performer.

Also, when choosing a ritual, remember that:

  • You can not charm a girl whose heart belongs to another man.
  • When regaining former love with a love spell, the separation period plays an important role in the success of the ceremony.

In order for the ritual to be successful, it is very important not to tell anyone about the plans for conducting a magical act. Professional magicians claim that the most effective rites are those that are held on Friday — the day of Venus.

Love spell girls - how to choose and conduct a ritual

The so-called village ceremonies are considered the most accessible and effective. They tend to involve the use of certain attributes and conspiracies.

It is very important to remember that after a love spell for a girl was carried out, you need to communicate with her as much as possible.

The Old Believers’ bewitching rite, which provides for reading the conspiracy to different sides of the world, is very effective. Before the ritual is necessary to take a shower, and if there is such an opportunity, then visit the bath.

A strong bewitching ritual involves the use of photos of the beloved. And it is important that she was photographed alone, and the image should be quite clear. It uses a plot that is read four times on each side of the world.

Before the ceremony it is necessary to take a shower and put on clean clothes that are not constraining movements. Love spell is quite long, but at the same time magic words should be uttered without hesitation.

Therefore, it is allowed to rewrite the love spell on a white sheet of paper and read it from there.

Attention! Printed text on the printer cannot be used during the rite.

Magic phrases are as follows:

It is advisable to visualize the image of the beloved during the ritual and present it as mental streams filled with sincere deep feeling reach it.

For three days in a row, you can repeat another effective rite with a photo. All you need is to put a picture on the floor, to become on it the heel of the right leg.

Then say the magic words:

After this, the snapshot of the girl, who was an attribute of the rite, must be hidden in a secluded place so that no one will ever find it. He will serve as a mascot of sustainable relationships. During the period of cooling the senses, you need to take a picture and, retiring in a separate room, while the candle is lit, you need to focus on your feelings for your beloved to gaze into the image.

This will allow again to awaken the love in the soul of the chosen one and to avoid a break in relations.

Love spell girls - how to choose and conduct a ritual

In the next effective love ritual you need to use wax candles and the girl’s hair. This means that you must be personally acquainted with the chosen one in order to be able to collect some hair from her clothes.

In addition, you need to buy candles after the new moon, and the ceremony can be held on any day of the rising moon period.

On the chosen night, you need to retire in a separate room and slightly warm the candles in order to be able to make two figures of them. They will symbolize you and your darling. In one of the created dolls you need to weave the hair of your beloved, and in the other with your own.

After that, on the figures you need to scratch the names with a sharp object and tie them together with a red thread.

In the process of this need to pronounce these words:

Such a love-conspiracy plot must be repeated three times. This effect is recommended to repeat after a certain time. This will need to be done until you are convinced that you have managed to win the heart of the chosen one in a natural way.

Figures used in the rite should be kept in a secluded place and never be thrown away. They will serve as a talisman of your relationship with the chosen one, but it is very important that they are never touched by the hands of others.

Be careful when using a girl’s love spell. It is important to apply it only with full confidence that the heart of the chosen one is free. If a bewitched girl fails to awaken sincere feelings over time, then both partners can manifest very serious consequences of a magical effect in the form of the development of chronic diseases and nervous breakdowns.

That is why it is important to understand that the love spell of a girl is an extreme measure of attracting the chosen one to her.

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