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Love spell from a photo and its consequences — how to minimize negative

Popular love spell rituals on a photo of a loved one without consequences

The first photos, appearing about two centuries ago, immediately attracted the attention of occult specialists. And the first experiments of magicians and sorcerers were very successful.

Subsequently, it was proved that the photo absorbs the energy of the person depicted on it, and, therefore, it can be controlled with the help of magic.

A love spell on a photo and its consequences interest today many. And this is explained by the fact that I really want to get a loved one quickly, almost without putting effort into it.

But, nevertheless, it is necessary to be afraid of consequences which magic can entail.

Professional magicians claim that a photograph in a love ceremony can be replaced by a portrait, since it, like the photo, is energetically associated with a person. It is believed that the portrait is even better in the sense that it took more time for the artist to create it, and therefore the connection of the painted image is stronger and more stable.

Love spell from a photo and its consequences - how to minimize negative

The photo for the magic ritual must be chosen correctly.

Please note:

  • The picture should be fresh, taken no more than a year ago;
  • In the photo, the person to whom the magical effect is directed should be depicted alone;
  • The photo should be clearly visible eyes.

Attention! You cannot cut the picture with scissors, otherwise the rite will not be effective.

The sequence of actions when conducting a love spell is as follows:

  • Retire to a separate room.
  • Light a church candle.
  • Pick up a picture of the chosen one.
  • Looking into the eyes of the image in the picture, read the following plot:

Love spell from a photo and its consequences - how to minimize negative

Another strong love spell with minimal consequences is performed for three nights in a row. For him, you need to have a strong energy.

The ceremony consists in carrying out the following actions:

  • A photograph of a loved one should be placed on the table between a pair of lit church candles;
  • Then you need to focus as much as possible and carefully look at the picture, visualizing the image of your loved one, and thinking only about him;
  • After this, repeat the following conspiracy twelve times:

If you just want to attract the attention of a guy, then this can be done with the help of a slight quotation. This will not harm either the guy or himself. If after a while, you realize that the boyfriend is not suitable for you, then you can part, and at the same time, the person you abandoned will not suffer for a long time, because the energy binding disappears after a short time in a short time.

But, nevertheless, it is quite enough for a serious relationship.

For a light impact, you need to take a snapshot of the guy you like and retire in a separate room in which you should turn off artificial lighting and light a candle. Any possible annoying factors, such as pets, should be removed from the room, as well as all household communications equipment should be turned off.

It is necessary to take in hand a photo of a loved one and visualize his image, that is, you should submit it to reality next to you. If you succeed in this, then an energetic connection will arise between you and your loved one.

At this point, you can say in your mind or out loud that you would like to build a relationship with him in the future.

To finish the reasonings it is necessary words:

The result of such a light ceremony can be a phone call or a meeting with the chosen one in the coming days on his initiative. If this does not happen, then after a few days the ceremony can be repeated.

Thus, a very strong spell on a photo is very simply performed, and its consequences for the performer may be minimal if all the rules are followed. But in any case, after the ritual in the soul of the performer, some kind of emptiness will come, so you need to arrange for yourself after a magical rite a day of proper rest.

A love spell from a photograph can be dangerous if it is aimed at breaking the bond between two loving people. As a rule, black magic rituals are used for this purpose, involving the use of menstrual blood or a visit to a cemetery.

The rites of white magic are aimed at awakening the senses and, in most cases, help the person to pay attention to you, so they do not carry a strong negative.

Love spell from a photo and its consequences - how to minimize negative

For a victim of love affect, the consequences can be minimal only if the person you are trying to bewitch is free and sympathetic to you. But even in this case, the victim of a love spell at first may experience the following signs.


  • Quick fatigue and malaise, even if the person has good health.
  • Depressed mood;
  • Irritability, and sometimes aggressiveness to loved ones.

In most cases, these minimal consequences for a victim can be observed for no more than a couple of days. If this period is delayed, and the above manifestations are exacerbated, it means that serious mistakes were made during the ceremony or any external unforeseen circumstances arose.

In this case, you need to take care to remove the love spell, otherwise it can lead to irreversible changes in human health. In addition, if your elect is a person with a naturally strong energy, then at a subconscious level, he can resist external influence.

And it can provoke a violation of the psyche, suicidal thoughts and the development of pernicious addictions.

At home, love spells should be performed only when you are confident in your abilities. The stronger the love spell, the more dangerous they are. In order to have a love spell on a photo, it has the minimum effect that the rules of the ceremonies must be observed.

It is very important to carry out pranking rituals using a photo on a new moon, in this case the feelings of the bewitched man will increase along with the increase in the night light.

In order to exclude any unforeseen accidents associated with the need for maximum concentration, it is recommended to use philtatory rituals with photos at night. Any extraneous sounds can not only reduce the effectiveness of the impact, but also change the energy message, which will cause unpredictable consequences.

Helps to conduct a bewitching rite with minimal consequences, a positive attitude and good mood.

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