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Love spell for women and men

A wide variety of items can be used in the bewitching rites. Personal belongings are always carriers of human energy, therefore, are largely able to enhance the directional love effect.

The spell on underwear is very effective and manifests itself in a short time.

Love spell for women and men

A love spell on underwear can be carried out by both men and women. This is the way to strengthen love feelings or prevent a possible break in relationships.

A positive attitude is very important for the success of the ceremony. You can additionally tune in by looking directly at the ritual of sharing photos, or remembering the happiest moments of your life.

Most often, a bewitching rite with the use of underwear is used by the husbands in order to enhance the love feelings of his wife. Recommended such a rite in the case of cooling the feelings of the spouse.

The ritual is quite simple to perform and can be easily performed at home on their own. It is noteworthy that in the rite there is no need to carry out complicated actions and no need to pronounce difficult magic words.

It is necessary to take in hands the linen of the wife which she wore, but did not manage to wash, press him to a breast and to visualize an image of the beloved woman. In any form, you need to voice your desires about the importance of mutual love in family life.

If there are any problems, they also need to be described and wished to be solved soon.

Such a rite will be effective if carried out for ten consecutive days. The optimal time for the ritual is late evening. The result of the impact will be that soon you will notice an increase in love feelings on the part of your wife to you.

It is safe to say that such a rite will turn the life together into a honeymoon, which can last a long time.

There are love spells in which men’s underwear is used. With their help, you can return the beloved, who suddenly was going to leave you. The main thing is to conduct such a rite on time.

While the man did not take all his belongings, including underwear.

This ritual is recommended in the period of the growing moon on the night from Thursday to Friday. It is necessary to take the underwear of a loved one, wet it and squeeze.

After that it should be hung to dry with the words:

It should be expected that after the laundry dries, your beloved will decide to leave you.

Love spell for women and men

A strong bewitching rite can be held on new men’s pants. They need to talk and subsequently present as a gift to the chosen one. It is clear that to conduct such a ritual you need to have a close relationship with a man.

Otherwise, such a gift will look ridiculous and, of course, the impact will not be effective. Before you talk man pants, you should lay them on the bed, undress naked and sit on them.

Then the following magic words are pronounced:

It is necessary to give the plotted cowards the next day. Such a love spell will begin to act as soon as the man takes the panties in his hands.

But the maximum power of the rite will manifest itself when the beloved dress them.

There is also a very effective rite with the use of cowards, if it is necessary to turn away the husband from his mistress. For this you need to take the spouse’s unwashed favorite panties and tie them in a knot.

Next, say these words over them:

In this form, the conspiratorial should be thrown into the far corner of the cabinet and not reach them until the situation changes. As soon as the relationship is restored, the underpants can be removed, washed and put back into the linen closet.

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