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Love spell for woman’s love: how to read at home

How to read a love spell on a woman’s love at home

In order to draw the beloved’s attention to oneself, one can read the love spells for the love of a woman — everyone can do it at home. The power of love magic will turn the chosen one away from other men and make you think only of you.

Rules and Recommendations

If you want the spell to work, follow these rules:

  1. Positive attitude. At the time of the ceremony, you should be relaxed and calm. Eliminate negative thoughts and think only good things about the woman you love
  2. Vera. You must sincerely and unconditionally believe that the bewitching rite will work. Do not look for logical explanations of your actions, just believe and hope for the best.
  3. Good intentions. The only desire that you can follow is to be close to the woman you love and want to make her happy. If you perform a rite out of feelings of revenge, anger or resentment, it will not only not have the desired effect, but also bring negative consequences.
  4. Clarity and consistency. Read the text of the plots clearly, confidently and without hesitation. Strictly follow the sequence of actions described in the love spell method
  5. Secret. Do not tell anyone about your intention to make a spell, keep it a secret. It is especially important that the woman herself does not recognize the rite.
  6. Moon phases. Love spells need to be done only in the period when the moon is growing. At this time, the lunar energy is aimed at creating, attracting love, harmony and happiness to life

That’s all — clearer recommendations we describe in each of the ways of love spell.

Ancient love spell on his beloved woman

This is a very strong, vintage version of the love spell. It can only be used by a believing man who follows religious canons in everyday life.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Wait until midnight
  • Take any personal thing of your chosen one. Ideally, it should be a decoration that she wears constantly. If there is no possibility to get a personal thing, buy something new — after the ceremony, present the plotted object as a presentation.
  • Four times read the love spell plot, each time turning in different directions of the world. In this order: first to the north, then to the west, then to the south and at the end — to the east

The text of the love plot is as follows:

Love spell for woman's love: how to read at home

After your chosen one puts on the plotted thing, the spell will take effect.

The love of women in the photo

This universal rite will suit anyone who has the opportunity to get a photo of the chosen one. The picture should be clear and high quality.

Eyes should be clearly visible, and the gaze is turned to the camera lens.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Wait until midnight
  • Close the room where the ceremony will take place. Make sure that no one bothers you — neither households nor pets should disturb you
  • Prepare everything you need: a photo of a girl, a red ribbon and two wax candles. They need to buy in the church shop on Friday in the morning
  • Sit down at the table, light the candles
  • On the back of the picture, draw a big heart. Write two names in it — yours and the chosen one
  • Tie a photo crosswise using a ribbon and tie a knot
  • Then, looking into the eyes of the woman in the photo, say the words of the bewitching plot.

Love spell for woman's love: how to read at home

After reading the love plot, hide the photo in a secluded place where no one will find it. Put out the candles.

In the near future, a woman will begin to have feelings for you.

Love spell

This is a variant of the “white” love spell, which has practically no negative consequences. You will need to do the following:

  • Cook sweets. You can buy them, having learned in advance from the chosen one that she loves the most. And you can cook it yourself — then the love spell will have great power.
  • Wail over the cooked sweetness of the word conspiracy
  • To treat a woman with a conspiracy. From the moment she tries the treat, the spell will take effect.

The text of the love plot in this case is as follows:

Love spell for woman's love: how to read at home

There is another conspiracy option — you can use drinks or regular food for it. Suitable for those who live with a bewitched woman in the same area:

Love spell for woman's love: how to read at home

Important: While preparing a dish for conspiracy, think of your beloved in a positive context. Mentally thank and praise her, imagine how you are having a great time and having fun together.

Wish her happiness, health and harmony.

Watch the video on how to make a strong love spell:

Love spell conspiracy

Wax candles are used in almost all rites, because the energy of fire has a very powerful force, associated with passion and love.

To make such a “fiery” spell:

  • Buy three church wax candles. This is best done on a Friday morning.
  • Put one candle for your health, referring to the saint, under whose name you are baptized. This is to avoid the negative consequences of a love spell.
  • Wait until midnight, sit down at the table, light the remaining two candles and sit in silence for a while thinking about the chosen one
  • Speak the plot

The text of the bewitching plot is as follows:

Love spell for woman's love: how to read at home

Three times repeat the cherished words, and then go to sleep. Do not forget to wait until the candles burn out.

In the morning, the cinder should be wrapped in a white sheet of paper and hidden in a secluded place.

If you dream a beloved one at night, it means that the love spell has worked. If not — repeat the rite again.

Important: if after the love spell you hid the remnants of the objects used for it, no one should find them. As soon as they fall into the wrong hands, the effect of love magic will weaken.

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