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Love spell for the New Year

New Year is the most awaited and most magical holiday of the year. This is the time when it is customary to make wishes for the next year. But this is the best time not only for making wishes, but also for their fulfillment.

If you want the guy you are dreaming about to finally pay attention to you and be inflamed with passion or want to return your departed husband, a love spell for the New Year is the best way to do it.

Love spell for the New Year

Christmas magic is not only strong and effective, but also safe enough for you and your chosen one. The festive atmosphere of waiting for a miracle, which always accompanies the New Year, generates a huge amount of spiritual energy.

Why not use it to make your dream come true?

Love spell for the New Year can be done in different ways. One of the most simple and common New Year’s love spells is a spell with a glass of champagne.

To make such a love spell you need in the first moments of the new year, holding a glass of champagne in your hand, say the magic words.

After saying these words, drink champagne in one gulp. With all the seeming simplicity, this spell can be very effective.

Try to appear in the eyes of your chosen one in the first days of the new year. If you make a spell with a strong intention, you will surely feel how his attitude towards you has changed.

Love spell for the New Year

Another opportunity to bewitch a loved one on New Year’s Eve is to use a love spell for the New Year with a holiday card. This love spell is good in those cases where a girl has a close enough friendship or business relationship with her chosen one, which she would like to turn into love.

For this love spell you need a pen without a paste (or with a fully used paste) to “write” a magic plot on a New Year’s postcard.

Namely, these words:

This should be done with maximum desire and confidence in their abilities. Although nothing will be written on the postcard. The energy of your message will remain in it.

After that, write with a usual pen on the card any usual New Year’s greetings and hand it to the person you want to bewitch. Under the guise of a joke or a friendly request, convince him to read this postcard exactly on New Year’s Eve. Then the effect will be as strong as possible.

Be sure — through the eyes of your chosen one will read the visible text, and the secret message will fall into his very soul.

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