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Love spell for the growing moon — rituals for different stages of relationships

Ways of holding love spells in the period of the growing moon

There are many love spells to bewitch a man that should be performed only during the growing moon. This is due to the fact that the growth of the night star strengthens and sharpens the feelings of people.

The spell on the growing moon is designed to connect the fate, but you need to use it very carefully, only if you are completely confident in your own feelings.

Professional magicians recommend applying spell to the growing moon in the following cases:

  • If the elect does not notice your feelings for him;
  • After the first acquaintance, if you like the guy;
  • At the stage of courtship in order to accelerate the development of relationships.

Any love spell on the growing moon is very powerful. Such an impact can not only arouse the feelings of the chosen one, but also return the old relationship with his beloved, with whom he recently parted.

Love spell for the growing moon - rituals for different stages of relationships

It is very effective to read a love spell to a growing moon at the beginning of a relationship with a guy. Ritual can consolidate the relationship and give them greater stability.

It is recommended to use the rite involving the use of:

  • Red candle;
  • Red thread.

At midnight, you should retire in a separate room, light a candle, pick up the red thread and sit in absolute silence for a while focusing on thoughts of your beloved. We must try to visualize the image of a loved one, because the success of the ceremony depends on it.

Feeling that you are completely detached from the real world, you need to utter these magic words:

After pronouncing the love plot, the thread is set on fire from a candle. It should burn completely.

After this, the ceremony is considered complete and after it you should immediately go to sleep, talk after the ritual with no one. The first results can be expected in ten days, all this time no additional actions are recommended.

You can also read the spell on the growing moon in order to prevent her husband’s betrayal when you feel that the feelings between you have begun to cool. In this case, the best day for the ceremony is Friday.

It is necessary to wet the husband’s underwear in cold running water and hang it to dry with the words:

After the husband puts on dry clothes, his feelings for you will show up with a new force.

A strong rite to attract a loved one can be held at the initial cycle of the growing moon. This ritual uses a photograph of a loved one, and it is performed for three days.

On the first day, you need to go outside and show the moon coins: three yellow and one white, but always smaller.

They need to be kept on the open palm and say the following words:

Upon arrival home, you need to put one yellow coin on the forehead of the chosen one in the photo. Such actions should be repeated within three days.

For the third time, a white coin should be placed on top of the three yellow coins.

And only after that say:

The picture with the coins located on it must be left in an intact state for a day. After the expiry of their yellow coins, they should be buried under a tree in the street, and a white coin should be thrown at their chosen one and will take care that it touches it.

Love spell for the growing moon - rituals for different stages of relationships

There is a rite that is held during the growing moon period, allowing to bewitch a loved one without any special conspiracies. To hold it you need to go under the open sky with flowing hair and loose clothes.

Face you need to turn to the moon, and, presenting the image of your beloved, on the left hand you need to write the name of the beloved with charcoal. So you need to do six times, that is, the name of the chosen one must be written six times on the hand.

After that, you should ask the moon for help in love affairs in an arbitrary form. Then you need to erase one written name from your left hand and at the same time read the well-known prayer “Our Father”.

At the end of the action, the left hand must be crossed over and immediately go to sleep, without talking to anyone.

Despite the fact that the white magic spells on the growing moon are considered to be the safest, before their holding, you should try to solve the love problems in the usual ways of life.

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