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Love spell for sweet love

Honey is a frequent attribute of various love ceremonies. The product has a strong natural energy and, as sweetness, contributes to the fact that the bewitched person “clings” to the performer of the ceremony.

Love spell for sweet love

There is a huge number of rites with honey, both in black and in white magic. They differ in the focus of their impact.

With their help, you can attract love in your life, return your loved one or strengthen existing relationships.

This rite is optimal, if you have the opportunity to give your chosen one a jar of conspired honey. It is important that it looks natural, and the person you like does not suspect anything.

In addition, you must be sure that your chosen one loves honey and will soon eat the spelled “gift”. If he takes a present and puts it on the shelf, then the love spell for honey will not be effective.

And a jar of honey should be small so that your lover does not have a desire to share the product with someone.

For the rite you need to buy natural honey, and this is a very important condition for the effectiveness of the philterre effect. Artificial product in the rite can not be used.

Therefore, you need to buy honey from a trusted seller.

In addition, the ritual will need to use:

  • White towel without patterns and patterns;
  • Two wax candles in red.

In the evening, you need to retire in a separate room, spread a towel on the table and set candles next to it.

In this case, you need to pronounce such a conspiracy on honey:

After that, you need to take a previously prepared small jar of honey and hold it with two hands, holding it over a towel.

Next you should read this love spell on honey:

The plot must be read three times loudly and very clearly. After that, you need to close your eyes and sit for about five minutes without releasing a jar of honey from your hands.

At this time, you need to try to visualize the image of a loved one.

After the time has expired, you need to open your eyes, put out the candles and say:

Love spell for sweet love

After that, you should wrap the conspiracy honey in a towel, on top of such a bundle you need to put the candle stubs crosswise and leave it for a day. It is important that no one finds this bundle, and no one touches it.

At the expiration of the day, the honey comes from a convolution and is presented as a presentation to a loved one. As soon as your chosen one starts to eat honey, his feelings will flare up more and more.

With every spoonful of honey, his feelings for you will flare up. From towels and candle stubs, you must urgently get rid of forever in any way. The easiest way to throw out the attributes used in the rite, the trash.

In everyday life can not use a towel.

This love spell should be used only when you live with your chosen one, but at the same time doubt the sincerity of his feelings. After such a ceremony, the partner’s passion increases, which contributes to improved relationships.

In the ceremony you must use white natural honey. It is usually obtained from raznotsvetya, most often from clover, cotton, raspberry, acacia and alfalfa. This is a very fragrant and tasty type of honey.

The ritual is held at the new moon at noon. It is necessary to melt the cooked honey in the steam bath.

And during this, utter the following plot:

After that, you need to go into the bathroom and smear the body with honey. Then you need to turn three times counterclockwise and repeat the plot.

After that, you need to wash off the honey under the shower and repeat the magic words again.

On the evening of the day of the ceremony, you must have intimate relationships with your loved one.

Love spells with honey usually last for a year, but this is quite enough for the two partners to get used to each other and build harmonious relationships. It is allowed to repeat the ritual, if the need arises.

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