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Love spell for sperm — methods of holding a man and a woman

Attributes in the bewitching rituals are very different. They are carriers of information and greatly enhance the magical effect.

Love spells with the use of sperm are considered very effective, and such rituals are very much in demand in both men and women.

Love spell for sperm - methods of holding a man and a woman

In a situation where your darling does not notice you, you can use a strong rite in which sperm is used as an additional attribute. The spell of the girl on the sperm should be carried out only in the period of the growing moon.

First you need to come up with any excuse and arrange a meeting with your beloved in private.

To this point, to spend the spell of the girl on the sperm, you should prepare:

  • A single portion of your own sperm;
  • Church candle;
  • A cup of coffee with milk or milkshake.

Just before the arrival of your girlfriend, perform the following rite:

  • Light a candle;
  • Above it at a distance of approximately 30 cm in a spoon, hold the sperm;
  • Say the next plot:

After that, the candle should be extinguished, and the conspired sperm mixed into the prepared drink. It should be remembered that the time from the beginning of the ceremony to the moment when the girl drinks a drink should not exceed half an hour.

The most frequently held love spell on the man’s sperm, aimed at bewitching the guy. It involves the use of:

  • Sperm males;
  • Your blood;
  • Your saliva.

The spell on the man’s sperm is carried out in the period of the growing moon. It is necessary to mix together all previously prepared natural attributes in one container.

After that, you need to take the container in your hands and say the following words:

Love spell for sperm - methods of holding a man and a woman

The conspiratorial mixture must be added to wine or cognac and treat your favorite man with a drink. Also, a strong spell on a man’s sperm is carried out using a hand-made doll. For her sewing should use the handkerchief of a beloved man.

On the one hand, the doll should not be stitched. Inside the doll you should put a mixture of male sperm and your hair, cut from an intimate place, and only then sew it up.

No less a strong spell on a man’s sperm has a sexual orientation, and should be carried out on Friday during the growing moon after having sex with a loved one. It is necessary to retire in a separate room to take a doll and light a red candle.

After that, dripping with melted wax to the place of the conditional location of the genitals, it is necessary to utter magic words with a whisper with feeling.

They sound like this:

The plotted doll must be hidden in the man’s house, preferably in such a way that he does not find it.

Love spell with the use of male sperm is considered one of the strongest. It is equated in its effectiveness to the love spells that use menstrual blood.

Of course, the greatest difficulty of such rites is the extraction of the natural magical attribute. Of course, you can get it from contraception, but more efficient will be sperm, which is not in contact with latex.

Therefore, you need to think of a way to get it directly in the process of sexual intercourse.

To be effective, the rite should be properly tuned before the rite. Any mistake or insufficient concentration can lead to unpredictable consequences. Sometimes the result may be the opposite of the expected.

Namely, the man will lose the desire for intimacy, so there will no longer be an opportunity to get sperm for the love spell. But most often with the inability to control themselves and their thoughts, the rite will simply not be productive.

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