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Love spell for sperm — four options

Love spell for sperm — 4 options

Love spells are magical rituals carried out in order to gain attention and location of the opposite sex. Perhaps the strongest and most dangerous of this kind of witchcraft rites is the love spell for sperm.

It can be used for the purpose of influencing both female and male energetics.

As a practicing amateur magician, I want to introduce you to the basics of a love spell on sperm, to voice all the important nuances and give examples of the most powerful rituals with the use of male semen.

Love spell for sperm - four options

Technique love spell for sperm

The spell on sperm, belonging to black magic, ranked as one of the oldest mystical rituals. His goal is to bind the desired man or woman to him for many years, completely discourage him or her from even looking to look at other women or men.

The power of the love spell on sperm lies in the fact that it uses the energy of procreation, the energy of life. This ritual is aimed at sexual repression and the establishment of an inseparable connection with the author of the love spell.

I do not recommend to bewitch the desired man or woman with the help of sperm on my own. A love spell on a male seed requires from its author a clear concentration and ability to direct the flow of energy in the right direction, to create a clear idea of ​​the desired result.

This is a rite of black magic, so the frivolity or inexperience of the magician can play against him and lead to terrible consequences, the best of which will be the opposite effect.

In my practice, there were many cases when desperate women and men came, complained that the love spell they spent on their own on sperm either did not work at all or gave absolutely the opposite result. And the culprit — the inexperience of such «magicians».

Magic, especially black, mistakes, alas, does not tolerate.

A few words about the material

The material for the love spell — male sperm — usually collected after intercourse:

  • from a used condom;
  • from your own body.

I advise you to practice, if possible, the second case, since the male seed that has been in the female body absorbed its energy, which causes a stronger connection between a woman and a man in the process of performing the ritual.

Love spell for sperm - four options

Intimacy between a woman and a man is accompanied by strong sexual energy. Sperm is a genetic trace of a man, and therefore the spell with its use affects, first of all, the physical body of its object and clearly works, causing a strong sexual desire.

Recipes love spells on sperm

Method 1 — rubbing

Used to tie a man to himself. After sexual contact, a woman takes the sperm of a beloved man, rubs it all over her body with the words:

«How is thy seed conjoined with me (name of the chosen one), so you will always be with me, you will not go anywhere. All your thoughts will be only on me (own name) only focused on just me. You won’t have (name of the chosen one) women are other than me.

Only me (own name) I will be loved and cherished for you. So be it!

And there is no doubt about that. ”

Method 2 — a doll

The ritual is performed on Friday, on the growing moon. Take any unwashed thing chosen (tie, sock, handkerchief), make a hollow doll out of it, leave it sideways unstitched.

Inside the doll put a mixture of their pubic hair and sperm, sew. After intercourse, light a red wax candle and drip melted wax onto the figure (where the genitals should be), while reading the plot:

«Burning passion for (name of the chosen one) burn on me (own name), strive toward me with your flesh. Wish me day and night. Do not extinguish hot passion (name of the chosen one), do not interrupt my plot.

My word is the key, the lock and the tongue, as I said — so be it. Amen».

The doll is hidden next to the house of the man or where he often appears.

Method 3 — Food and Drink

This prisushka on sperm committed on the growing moon. In the pottery mixes the saliva and blood of the woman, the sperm of her chosen one. All this is mixed and read the plot: «

Let my blood wake your love in your blood, kindle passion, you, (name of the chosen one), call me. Let day and night only you dream about me, with anyone except me in bed not be willing. Desire, passion, burn, (name of the chosen one) bring to me.

My word is strong, to be what I wish. ”.

The conspiracy mixture must be mixed into the food and drink of the chosen one, at any convenient time.

Method 4 — for food

Suitable for men. It is carried out in the growth phase of the moon, on women’s day (Wednesday, Friday or Saturday).

Fresh sperm need to speak and mix in the food of the chosen one.

Conspiracy: “Just as there are no children without a male seed, there can never be a slave (the name of the chosen one) without a slave (your name). Amen».

Another way to look in this video:

Consequences of love spell for sperm

Love spell for sperm - four options

Every love spell has its consequences. If it is black magic (as in our case), then the consequences can be the most unpredictable and dangerous.

I will not voice the full list of unwanted effects. I will note only those that are directly related to the spell on the semen. Love spell on sperm is dangerous because it can:

  • lead to problems with the function of childbirth: deterioration of sperm quality, infertility;
  • cause diseases of the reproductive system;
  • cause problems in sexual life: premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity;
  • lead to excessive emotionality, hysteria, irritability and tearfulness;
  • manifest the so-called «reflected spell» — bewitched would be the author of the love spell.

It is impossible to insure against the consequences of a love spell; therefore, it should be approached with the utmost responsibility, caution and literacy.

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