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Love spell for sex: the awakening of passion and sexual desire

Awakening of sexual energy or binding to sex

Sex love spells are rooted in such a deep antiquity that it is even approximately assumed when humankind began to use them. And today they are practiced in the most remote corners of the globe, because the forces that they cause are as natural and available everywhere as sex itself.

The main thing that distinguishes a love spell for sex from ordinary love spells, is the nature of the binding, which is its goal. If the goal of a classic love spell is to make a chosen one to fall in love, then with the help of a sexual love spell, a strong physical attraction and insane passion are evoked.

Love spell for sex is good in those cases where you do not want to bind either yourself or your chosen one with serious ties, but only want to get physical pleasure. In addition, the sexual spell is not so dangerous for the psyche of the victim.

Among the ways of making a love spell, there are those that are held in the presence of the victim or remotely.

Love spell for sex: the awakening of passion and sexual desire

For remote exposure to create sexual bindings, the natural properties of water are often used. One of the rites involves the use of a glass of spring or well water.

It must be placed at the head of your bed for the whole night. At night, you should by all means maintain a sexual arousal, imagine passionate love scenes with your chosen one.

Water absorbs well and carries such information. In the morning, some water must be spilled on oneself, and the rest, under any pretext, on the victim, to which sexual attraction to you is thus transferred. If this is impossible to do, then some of the water must be thrown out on the path of the loved one.

Very strong remote action is different rite with salt. It can be used even in cases where there was no intimate connection with a person before.

To perform the ritual you will need:

  • A fresh close-up picture of the victim;
  • Handful of salt;
  • Seven drops of pure water.

The ceremony consists in carrying out the following actions:

  • On a small white saucer you need to drop seven drops of water;
  • Throw in a handful of salt and say these words:

Repeat the magic words you need three times, and then pour the wet salt on the picture and distribute it evenly over the picture. Photographs with salt must be removed in a secluded place until the desired is fulfilled.

There are many rites that must be performed directly in the presence of the victim. They are distinguished by high performance.

One way is to carefully look at the chosen one’s belly, you need to say the following magic words three times:

It is imperative at this moment to arouse a strong sexual attraction to the beloved man. And if you consider yourself to be a person with a highly developed imagination, then you can hold a bewitching ritual during intimacy with the bewitched. All that you need to do in this case for the commission of sexual spell, so it is directly at the time of sexual intercourse to present a splendid, glowing light reflections of the web that you throw on the partner.

The difficulty lies in the fact that such a picture must be kept constantly and it is impossible to release it from one’s own consciousness for a second, otherwise the ritual will not work.

Love spell for sex: the awakening of passion and sexual desire

For another ritual after intimacy with a man, you should immediately take a condom filled with sperm and put it in a glass jar, which should be tightly closed with a lid. During such a ritual no words are required.

But it is important to fully focus on the process of closing the can lid. In this action you need to invest all your desire and will to have always near this sexual partner. The bank should then be buried anywhere, for example, in a forest or on a wasteland.

At the same time, no one can report about this place, because if someone accidentally opens the lid, a huge amount of sexual energy will be released, which will lead to your man changing with the first woman meeting and will never belong to you again.

There is also a love spell for sex of another kind. He is called Egillet.

The purpose of such a ceremony is not to tie a chosen one to you, but rather a tie, due to which he will not be able and will not want to have sex with anyone but you. Usually it is used in relation to the desperate lovelers, who, while experiencing even a very strong attraction to a particular woman, do not overlook others. This method should be used very carefully and before applying it you should consult with a professional.

After all, in case of loss of sexual desire in you, the other person will suffer greatly.

During any sexual love spell it is very important to visualize the process of intimacy with the victim. Most professional magicians claim that this is the main condition for the success of ceremonies, and, in most cases, with a strong natural energy of a person who conducts the rite and a developed ability of imagination, pronouncing no magic words is required.

Sex rites are very popular and in demand. But it must be remembered that they are not held in order to attract sincere love.

All relationships with the bewitched person will end only intimacy. It is very important to understand that the effectiveness of rituals depends entirely on the focus on the object and the desire to obtain the desired result.

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