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Love spell for photos and personal thing

Love spell for photos and personal thing

The love spell of a loved one will help to evoke a response in him. Let’s talk about how to make a bewitching ritual quickly, efficiently and without negative consequences.

What is a love spell?

Love spell is a magical rite, which is performed with the aim of causing the chosen one a strong attraction to you. With the help of special manipulations, the will and consciousness of a man are suppressed, the installation is laid in them — he loves you.

True love and sincere feelings cause a love spell impossible. But the ceremony helps to focus the thoughts and attention of the chosen one only on you.

He will cease to notice other women, and you will get an additional opportunity to win his love.

Love spell for photos and personal thing

It is important to know, that love spells are black and white. And if the former are a rather dangerous thing that brings with it negative consequences, then the latter are quite harmless, but they do not have such a strong effect.

The most effective are the love spells committed on a photograph or a personal thing of the elect. These objects contain a part of a person’s energy, so they help influence his mind and thoughts.

Love spell for a loved one by photo

If you have the opportunity to get a clear and high-quality photograph of the chosen one, on which eyes are clearly visible, you can use this option of love spell.

  • The picture should be fresh, made no more than six months ago.
  • Only the man you are going to be bewitching should be shown in the picture.
  • the look of the man in the photo should be directed to you

These are the basic rules that must be followed. If you also use your photo to enhance the ceremony, it must also meet these criteria.

The best time to perform the ceremony — the night of the growing moon. During this period, the energy of the heavenly body is directed solely at creation, so it will help evoke, engender new feelings.

The most suitable days of the week for love magic are Monday, Thursday, and Tuesday. These are traditionally “male” days, so they are used to enchant a beloved man.

What should be done:

  1. Wait for the sunset
  2. Put on the table a photo of the chosen one and your personal picture next
  3. Concentrate all your thoughts on your beloved man. Think of all the good things about him, thank him in your thoughts for what he did or does for you. Eliminate negative memories and emotions
  4. Then draw in your mind the happy pictures in which you spend time together. Feel how good you are with your chosen one, what positive emotions you feel towards him.
  5. As soon as you feel that positive energy fills you, turn your photo face down. Write on the back of the picture the full name of the chosen one and his date of birth
  6. The same manipulation needs to be done with a photo of the beloved — but on his picture write your name and date of birth
  7. Take both photos and connect with each other, face to face

Using a needle and a red thread, sew the photo together. When you finish the last stitch, start slowly and gently tying the rest of the thread into a knot, pronouncing the words of the bewitching plot:

Love spell for photos and personal thing

After reading the magic text, trim the rest of the thread with sharp scissors. Plotted photographs clean in a clean white envelope. Seal it with wax from a church candle and say another love conspiracy:

Love spell for photos and personal thing

Magic words must be repeated three times. The sealed envelope must be put away in a secluded place where no one will find it for sure.

A love spell takes effect on the fifth day after the rite.

A love spell for personal belongings

The personal thing of a person is the keeper of his energy, a part of the soul enclosed in a material object. Therefore, a love spell on a personal item can be very effective provided that you do it correctly.

Ideally, you need to prepare the thing that your lover wears every day — a watch, jewelry, a diary, a phone case, a tie, a handkerchief, a hairbrush, or something similar.

No special manipulations with the thing are required. On the night of the growing moon, take the object prepared for the ceremony in his hands.

Mentally imagine the chosen one. Ask the Universe to send his love and draw on you. Thank him mentally and remember good moments.

Closing your eyes, imagine you together, happy and peaceful.

After that you have several ways by which the spell will take effect:

  • Imperceptibly return personal thing favorite. The more often he will use it, the faster the magic will act
  • To hide the plotted thing in a secluded place. Love spell will work, but slowly. But you can always cancel the magical effect by destroying the thing used for the ceremony with the help of fire.

There is an alternative — you can buy a new thing and after the ceremony give it to your beloved. But you must be sure that he will definitely use your gift all the time.

Watch the video on how to make a love spell on a loved one in the photo:

Love spell may not work if:

  • Someone will know or you will tell you that you intend to perform a magical rite. As soon as this happens, the love magic will become absolutely useless.
  • You do the rite not out of good intentions, but being guided by negative emotions — feelings of resentment, revenge, anger, anger
  • You are trying to charm a man who already has deep serious feelings for another woman

Sometimes even the strongest spell fails. This happens when a man has an incredibly strong energy, is able to control his feelings well and has a high degree of awareness.

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