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Love spell for melancholy — so that the beloved missed you greatly

There are many kinds of love ceremonies. Very popular is the love spell for longing, which also has a different name — prisushka. Such rites cause the victim an intolerable longing for the person who performed the ritual.

Such an impact is very painful, so it can be considered a kind of revenge.

Man, under the influence of prisushka is constantly experiencing a strong feeling of anxiety and anxiety. It exhausts him and does not allow to live fully. Inner longing for another person does not allow concentrating on anything, so troubles begin to arise immediately in all spheres of life.

In this regard, deciding on a love spell for melancholy, it should be remembered that it can be very dangerous, since it can completely break a person and turn him into a weak-willed creature.

Love spell for melancholy - so that the beloved missed you greatly

Considered a strong love spell to longing for the wind. This rite is held in the open air in windy weather. The ritual can be performed in the forest or in the field, that is, the most important principle for choosing a place is remoteness from civilization.

Although, if it is not possible to get out into nature, it is possible to conduct a ceremony near an open window, but in this case, the effectiveness of the ceremony may decrease.

The magic words that are spoken on the wind are as follows:

If a loved one has left you, and you want him to feel all the pain he has caused you, then you can use a pair of new socks that you need to acquire alone on the day of the ceremony. After you pay for them, take them in hand.

Further, it is unnoticeable for the seller to whisper such words:

Immediately upon arrival home, the acquired socks need to be turned inside out, and embroidered on each sock with a thread to match a small cross. In the process, the magic words are spoken.

They sound like this:

After this, the socks are folded together again and put on open palms, a love spell on them:

It is recommended to give socks in the near future after the ceremony on Wednesday or Friday.

Love spell for melancholy - so that the beloved missed you greatly

Very effective is drying on an apple. But the complexity of this magical action lies in the fact that for the ritual you need to pick a ripe and beautiful red apple from the tree yourself. Fruit purchased on the market or in the store, for the rite is not suitable.

Also for the ritual you need to prepare a fresh photo of the chosen one. It should be cut to the size of the apple used, but it is impossible to damage the head of the person shown in the picture.

Then follow these steps:

  • Knife with a wooden handle to cut the apple into two parts;
  • Attach a photo between them;
  • Link the connected parts of the apple with a red thread;
  • Say with feeling the following words:

After the ceremony, the apple is placed on the sunny window sill. It should be remembered that the apple should dry and not rot, so you can not choose rooms with high humidity.

But at the same time you need to take care that the apple does not come across to strangers. After the fruit dries, it must be wrapped in a piece of natural fabric and buried near the house of the beloved.

Any prisushka should be carried out carefully, before the rite must necessarily weigh the pros and cons. After analyzing the situation, you need to try to find other ways to solve the problem.

It should also be remembered that all the rules of the ceremony must be observed.

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