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Love spell for life — two options for

Rituals for the eternal love spell — love for life

Love spells — this is a very popular rites of love magic. Though they unite the destinies of people, they always carry a certain negative. And the stronger the ritual, the more severe its negative consequences can be.

Love spell for life refers to a very powerful rites, so the decision to use it implies a great responsibility. Therefore, many professional magicians do not recommend performing the ritual on their own.

But in any case, before the spell forever, you should understand your own feelings. You must be sure that you are ready to live with your chosen one in love and harmony.

It should only be imagined that if love goes away, then you will have to spend your whole life with an unloved person, because by leaving him you are pushing him to certain death.

Love spell for life - two options for

In fact, even black magic offers not so many love spells that can be categorized as eternal. As a rule, when they say a love spell for a lifetime, it means that its action will be quite long.

The eternal love spell, in most cases involves the use of various biological particles of the victim as additional attributes. Love spell is always done with the help of a photograph of a chosen one or a voodoo doll that imitates a chosen one.

Conditionally, the eternal love spell can be performed using candles, which you will need to weave your hair and the chosen one during the ritual. A few days before the full moon, you need to buy two candles that are not necessarily ecclesiastical, but not necessarily wax.

They will symbolize during the ceremony you and your chosen one.

Having retired in a separate room and taking care that no one interferes with you, you should weave your own hair into one candle and your beloved one into the other. This can be done easily, if you first soften the wax of candles on the battery or in your hands.

After that, you need to blind the candlestick like a female and male figures. They must be given names.

After this, the figures must be molded together and tied with a red thread.

At the same time you need to say these magic words:

Words should be pronounced as many times as there will be an internal need. This love spell must be spoken very emotionally with deep feeling.

Should not skimp on emotions and gestures. All this will enhance the effectiveness of the rite.

Enchanted wax figurines must be hidden in a secret place that only you will know. If someone finds figures, then the love spell for life will lose its power.

Until such time as the beloved one comes to you, the magic words over the created dolls need to be repeated before the full moon and during its period. At the moment when the phase of decline of the moon begins, the rite should be stopped.

But in the presence of strong feelings for the chosen one of this time is enough to make a love spell forever.

After a time, if you feel that your beloved is moving away from you, the magic words above the created dolls can be repeated to liven up the love magic energy. As long as you own your dolls, your chosen one will always be with you.

But at the same time, remember that for a long time to keep a loved one only under a magical influence is impossible, you need to try to wake up in him a sincere natural love for yourself.

Love spell for life - two options for

Not only women are interested in perpetual love spells. Very often guys, experiencing unrequited love, tend to take possession of a girl with the help of strong magic. This can be done with the help of a golden ringlet, which, after the ceremony, will need to be presented to the beloved.

Such a gift is unlikely to refuse any of the girls. And as soon as your chosen one puts a ring on the finger, the magic will begin its action, and soon you will find yourself together.

So, acquiring a ringlet, in the period of the growing moon, you should take three of your own hairs, and alternately winding them around the ringlet, you should say these words:

    For the first hair:

You need to put all the power of your love into the actions and words. Remember that in your own words you form a certain code, with the help of which the situation will develop accordingly, and relations with your beloved will develop in the right direction.

After the ceremony, the hair must be hidden in a safe, unavailable place for anyone, and the ring should be given to the beloved for any reason.

When deciding to use a long-acting spell, you should remember that such an impact is very difficult to remove. Given this, it is better to try to fall in love with a person in a natural way, without resorting to magic.

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