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Love spell for her husband, who can not be removed — do at home

How to make a spell husband that no one could remove

As practice proves, marital happiness is not always unshakable. Therefore, women who understand this are always interested in whether there is a love spell among the means of love magic, for a husband who cannot be removed.

Such rites, in most cases, refer to the means of black magic, so they should be used very carefully. It should be understood that such a love spell for a husband requires a powerful energy message from the performer and not every person at home can fulfill this condition.

Love spell for her husband, who can not be removed - do at home

If you feel the strength to conduct the ceremony yourself, you can use the following ritual. The main condition for his success is a sincere love for her husband and confidence in his reciprocal love.

The rite is held late at night, better at midnight, during the full moon, and it is desirable that the night light at the time of performing the ritual was not covered by clouds. It is believed that the light of the moon awakens human supernatural powers and, therefore, enhances the promise of magical energy.

For the ritual you will need to use the following additional attributes:

  • A pair of any wax candles;
  • New ball of red thread;
  • Hair beloved;
  • Strand your own hair.

At midnight, you should take candles and warm them slightly, over any weak source of heat. Then you need to stretch them separately, each mixed with the hair of individual people and fashion from them dolls, stylized as a man and a woman.

Next, you should contact them by names that correspond to real names: yours and your beloved husband.

Then you need to take the figures in your hand and start wrapping them with a red thread, pronouncing these magic words:

It is necessary to pronounce words an arbitrary number of times until the thought appears in the subconscious that the love spell has reached its goal. This is sure to happen if you perform the rite with good intentions, and your heart is full of love for a loved one, to whom you desire only goodness and happiness.

Conspiracy pupae of wax should be stored in a hidden place and never separate them. It is allowed to periodically reach out to the pupae and repeat magic words on the full moon in order to refresh the senses.

A strong love spell for the husband, which allows the man to return to the family, is also in great demand; he also cannot be removed in any of the ways. In the process of the ritual will need to use a photo of her beloved husband.

This ceremony should be carried out in the period of the waning moon. This will soon save the husband from feeling for another woman.

It is not recommended to conduct the rite in the days of church holidays. Also, do not perform a love act during a thunderstorm or strong wind.

In addition, there are other restrictions on the conduct of the ceremony:

  • It is impossible to conduct a ritual in a house in which there are seriously ill people or small children;
  • It is not recommended to use this magical effect in pregnant women and women in the period of menstruation;
  • The ceremony should be carried out in a positive mood, if you are depressed, then it must be abandoned.

For the ceremony, it is necessary to use a fresh photo of the husband, the image in which has the greatest resemblance to a man in reality. You also need to make your own snapshot. In addition, you must purchase scissors, which must be sealed in plastic wrap.

This will prevent the absorption of foreign matter from strangers. You should also stock up on three church candles.

On the day of the bewitching ceremony can not take a shower. The ritual should be performed in loose clothing with loose hair and without any decorations.

Having retired in a separate room, you need to rewind one of the candles at the base with white threads and place them in the center of the table. Two other candles are similarly rewound as a red thread and put on both sides.

You should put your own photo on your lap, and take a picture of your husband in your hands.

Love spell for her husband, who can not be removed - do at home

Looking into the eyes of the image in the picture, you should say the following words:

After that, the picture of the husband must be put on your own photo so that the images are in contact. After that, scissors should be cut off the edges of the photo.

In this case, you need to say these words:

All pruning must be burned in the flame of a candle, and the ashes must be collected and dispersed to the wind. You should remove the threads from the candles, bandage the photo with them and hide from prying eyes.

Many women do not undertake to perform such complex rituals, so they order a strong love spell for a husband who cannot be removed from professional magicians.

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