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Love spell for good luck in all matters

A love spell for good luck is a very popular rite, with the help of which all life circumstances are always in favor of the customer. You can read the love spell for luck either on the person himself or on a certain object, which will later be used as an amulet.

After the bewitching rite will be held, the energy field of a person begins to repel the negative and attract luck. Such people are usually called lucky in real life.

Love spell for good luck in all matters

Very popular is the love spell for luck with the use of honey. The ceremony uses solar energy, which makes it very efficient. It is honey and the energy of the sun in magic that are considered symbols of abundance and condition.

For the ceremony it will be necessary to use copper coins as additional attributes. Soviet copper coins or feng shui coins are suitable. The ritual is held on a sunny Thursday during the growing moon.

First, you need to spread the cooked coins with honey and put them in a pile, holding together with each other, on a white porcelain saucer without rims and drawings.

A saucer with coins should be placed under the rays of the sun from the east or south side of your own house and left so for the whole day. At the first sign of sunset, a saucer with coins must be brought into the house and left in a secluded place for several days. This rite is unique in that it does not require any magic words to be spoken, because the sun’s rays and copper coins will attract good luck to your home.

The main thing for success is a sincere belief that with this magical method you will attract good luck.

Love spells with the use of charmed amulets are very popular. Of course, the horseshoe is the most widely known magical item.

For the ceremony can be used as a real horseshoe, and a souvenir purchased in the store. To read a love spell for luck, you need to focus on the positive aspects of life and move the negative around you away from you.

Magic words, with the help of which you can speak horseshoe, are as follows:

Love spell for good luck in all matters

The horseshoe, which is plotted for good luck, must be hung in a prominent place above the entrance door with the horns facing up. Periodically, such a talisman should be laid out under the sun’s rays to remove the collected horseshoe negative and update its positive energy charge.

You can also turn an ordinary pocket mirror into an amulet. Previously, for him as a cover, you should sew a bag of blue natural fabric.

Before the ceremony on a small sheet of paper you need to write your own name and patronymic completely, as well as your birthday.

After that, the mirror should be picked up and said the following words:

For the first week, the enchanted little mirror in the pouch needs to be carried all the time with you, so that it is saturated with your energy and begins to act like a magnet, attracting good luck to your life. Then, such an amulet should be stored in a secluded place and to take with you only crucial moments of life for you that are very important for you.

Speaking any amulet in the process you need to invest your own desire to attract good luck.

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