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Love spell for free — do free love spells work?

A couple of decades ago, most young people believed that love spells and other magical rites were innocuous and funny folklore. However, now that magic, extrasensory perception, and occultism are no longer pursued by the authorities, thousands of people were able to convince themselves of the supernatural power of the ancient magical rites.

Today, the demand for magical rituals is constantly increasing, because unhappy love and broken hearts do not become less. So offers of magical services can be seen in newspapers, and on television, and, of course, on the Internet.

However, many people, especially young ones, cannot order the rite to be performed by a real master, hesitate to contact him or have distrust. They learn ways to make a love spell for free, on their own.

It must be said that now there is really a lot of material online on this topic. Not only in print publications, but also on the Internet, there are many ways to perform a spell for free, without the help of professionals. Among them are many rituals, proven for thousands of years.

These are love spells with the use of candles, apples, portraits of a loved one and others.

Many of these rites are also described on our website. However, it is important to understand that the power of the rite depends not only on the accuracy of the actions performed, but also on the identity of the person who performs them.

A rite performed by a person with strong enough extrasensory abilities and experience in communicating with otherworldly forces has an immeasurably stronger effect than a ceremony performed by a person with weak energy and without certain skills.

Love spell for free - do free love spells work?

Free love spells are presented on many sites, but, unfortunately, they are not always the best way to solve a specific problem. It should be understood that when you are offered a spell for free, it means that you need to familiarize yourself with its rules and conduct it yourself.

There are general rules for all philanthropic rites, and they must be performed in order for the impact to be effective and not have negative consequences.

All love spells are performed in the full moon or in the period of the rising moon. It should be known that, despite the fact that the rituals of the full moon are more powerful, having no experience in magic, preference should be given all the same period of the rising moon.

This will reduce the impact force, but at the same time it minimizes the negative consequences if something goes wrong.

It is necessary to carry out independently a privorotny ceremony in a late evening. This period is optimal for the possibility of concentration of its own energy, which is necessary for a targeted energy send.

The moon can increase the flow of energy, so it is very important that it is during the rite of the sun in the sky.

It is recommended to use for lighting the room candles. Even if it is not specified in the rules. This will help create the necessary atmosphere and tune in to the desired wave.

At the same time, it is very important to maintain emotional balance during the rite, one should abandon all worldly concerns and forget about the problems of real life for a while. You need to plunge into the world of magic and feel that you can really manage your energy. The text of the love plot does not have to be exactly the same as that presented on the site.

The main thing is to preserve the meaning and invest all sincerity in the spoken magic words.

Another important condition for the success of the rites is the preservation of the sacrament. No one can talk about their plans, attracting a beloved love spell, remember that after performing the ritual you can not share with anyone that the ceremony was performed. It is very important for the success of the bewitching influence, to believe in one’s own powers and the possibilities of magic.

Without this, the strongest and most effective rite will be ineffectual.

When deciding to use the means of love magic, we should not forget that the love spell is an invasion of another’s aura, that is, a certain mental abuse of another person. Without understanding the meaning and consequences of their actions, you can cause a huge suffering to your loved one.

In addition, this pain can return to the one who performs the love spell with double strength. This effect is called reverse wave.

Therefore, when deciding not to resort to someone else’s help, but to commit a love spell for free on your own, consider whether you are fully confident in your strength and your actions.

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