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Love spell for Easter, which can not be removed — white magic

The love spell at Easter, which cannot be removed, is one of the most sought-after magical influences. It can be used to bewitch both the man, and the woman. It is noteworthy that such a love spell, perfect with sincere feelings, and whose action is not aimed at destroying another love, will fill the relationship between two people with real love, which will last for many years.

The forces of nature will help ensure that the bewitched person’s heart is filled for life with trust and affection, the main components of true love.

Love spell for Easter, which can not be removed - white magic

Love spell for Easter, refers to the means of white magic. But despite this, a ritual, performed not for good, but with self-interest in the soul, can have serious negative consequences, first of all, for the performer of the ceremony.

There are several variants of ceremonies, and all of them are distinguished by high results. If such a ceremony is carried out on the basis of sincere and deep feelings, then there will be no recoil from the impact.

This ritual can be performed on any of the days of Easter week. The natural forces acting these days will fill the magical effect with additional force that will not only contribute to the 100% success of the ceremony, but also fill the nascent relations of two people with strong affection and trust towards each other.

When performing a magic ritual, the following additional attributes will be needed:

  • New towel light tones;
  • A fresh photo of a loved one;
  • Easter egg;
  • Seven fresh plantain leaves, collected by their own hands.

To plantain acquired magical properties, collecting it you need to pronounce the following words:

The ceremony should be held in a perfectly clean room. Although traditionally general cleaning before Easter is mandatory for all.

Love spell for Easter, which can not be removed - white magic

On Easter night, in a separate room, a new towel is spread on an empty table. Next to him put a picture of a loved one and laid out a path from the leaves of the plantain to the place where the performer of the ceremony.

When visualizing the image of a loved one, an Easter egg should be rolled along the path of plantain leaves.

At the same time utter these magic words:

Then you need to move the Easter egg on the plantain leaves laid out and alternately say the following magic phrases:

  • “You will be happy only with me”;
  • “Our common destiny is destined”;
  • «The blessing will be our life filled»;
  • «Together we will overcome any misfortune»;
  • «Our roads will not dilute anyone»;
  • “I am the most important person in your life”;
  • «Come to me and stay forever.»

After that, the leaves of the plantain need to carefully collect, dry and store in a secluded place. It should be remembered that a loved one should never find them, otherwise there will be trouble.

But on the other hand to throw them out is prohibited, since the love spell will not be effective. The towel should also be left, and it is not necessary to hide it, but it is not recommended to use it.

The next morning, on the day of the celebration of Easter, it is advisable to meet with a loved one, and to give him, used in the ritual, an Easter egg. Once again I want to emphasize that the love spell for Easter, which cannot be removed very strong, but it should be carried out only with good intentions.

To hold a strong ceremony at Easter, you should first prepare a church candle and a photo of the chosen one or chosen one.

The ceremony should be held at five o’clock in the morning on Easter day. For this you need to retire in a separate room and light a candle on the table, and next to it put a photo.

After that you should carefully look at the image in the eyes to read the love spell plot.

After that, you need to sit in silence until the candles burn out, and the remains should be thrown into the toilet and flush with a strong jet of water. Such a love spell at Easter should act within three weeks after the holiday.

Love spell for Easter, which can not be removed - white magic

There is also the Easter bewitching rite, which provides for the conspiracy of drinking for a loved one. Also, these magic words can be pronounced after a loved one.

Love spell conspires as follows:

If you have spoken these words drink, then in the Easter week, you must find a moment. To invite the chosen one to visit.

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