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Love spell for Christmas

Christmas is the brightest and joyful Christian holiday. The time of prayers, holiday rites and bright hopes for the future. But beyond that, Christmas is also one of the best moments for magic.

True, not for anyone — ceremonies aimed at causing harm to someone during this period are extremely dangerous for the caster himself. Another thing — love magic.

Love spells for Christmas are very strong, because this holiday is imbued with the most powerful energy of love, forgiveness, understanding. This is the best opportunity to regain lost love or ignite a new one.

Love spell for Christmas

There are many ways to make a love spell for Christmas. For one of them, you will need a white, clean, square-shaped fabric that has never been used, two thick white candles and photographs. Spend on the fabric two bands connecting the middle of opposite sides.

The fabric will be divided into four equal squares.

In each of these squares (closer to the center of the fabric) write one of the names of the four sacred Great Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth. At noon on January 7, cover the table with this cloth.

In the center, place a photo where you are depicted with your loved one. If there is no such photo, cut your images from different photos and glue them together.

On the sides of the photo, put burning candles, on one of which you need to write your name in advance, and on the other — the name of the chosen one.

Now say the following conspiracy three times:

After that, let the candles burn out. Then put the cinder and the rest in the ceremony hide the objects in one secret place.

To make another love spell for Christmas, you need to visit a church service on Christmas night. Bring a small sheet of thick white paper.

In the church, take the sheet in hand and standing in front of the icon whisper:

Write on the leaflet:

At home, put this note under the Christmas tree and say:

If you have done everything correctly and with due feeling, and there are no big sins behind you, then your desire will come true, most likely, before the end of the Christmas trees.

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