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Love spell for a guy — simple rituals for self-reading

Love spell for a guy — simple rituals for self-reading

Love spell for a guy can be done independently. For this you need to invest the power of your love in the ritual act.

However, the spell may not work if the young man openly neglects you. In this case, you will need the help of a knowledgeable specialist to bewitch such a person. If your thoughts are pure, and the guy shows interest to you — white magic rituals will come to the rescue.

Consider some of them.

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

Ritual «bewitched heart»

For a magical ritual, you need to prepare a red candle, a new needle (or a wooden stick-toothpick will do) and a square of white cotton fabric. On Friday, light a red candle on the growing moon, draw a heart on the material with a pencil and drip wax from the candle filling the heart. At the same time read the conspiracy words:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

You should have a wax heart. Repeat the words until you wrap the entire space with wax. When the wax hardens, write with the needle the name of the young man.

Then insert a sewing needle or pin, or a wooden toothpick into a heart. Wrap the talisman and hide in an inaccessible place.

There is no need to wait for active manifestations of feelings on the part of a young man — begin to act yourself, and he will reciprocate. For more effect, put a photo with the talisman.

Love spell for a guy in the full moon

Determine the lunar calendar, when the full moon comes, and conduct a bewitching rite. A love spell on a guy in full moon has a special power, because at this time the connection of the psyche with otherworldly forces increases.

The full moon also symbolizes the unification of two beginnings, which means the connection of two hearts.

The ritual should be performed at midnight or after sunset. You will need to prepare a few hairs of a young man — they can be found on the shirt in advance.

The more hairs you collect, the better. Hair stores energy of the person and provides communication at a distance.

Also, you will need to buy a small church candle on the eve of the ceremony.

Take a candle in your hands and hold it to make it soft. At this time, remember the guy, your meetings, your feelings.

When the candle becomes flexible in your hands, press the hairs into it. Then carefully connect both ends of the candle, imagining that you are forming a lunar disk, and say:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

If you can not connect the ends of the candle, you can melt them on the fire from the match and connect. Hide the talisman, no one should see it.

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

Love spell

You can charm a young man with the help of water. This rite can only be performed with a familiar guy whose love you need to receive. Invite a young man to visit and give him a drink of conspiratorial water.

Water needs to be prepared as follows. In the evening, in front of the catfish, collect water in a ceramic / clay container.

The container should not be transparent, so a glass beaker will not work.

The container with water should stand all night in front of your head — put it on a bedside table or chair next to you. In the morning, without washing and not combing, pour water into the plate.

With the little finger of your right hand, write the name of the person bewitching on the water, lightly touching the surface. Next, you need to read the spell on the love of a guy in a whisper, so that the breath touches water:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

Now you need during the day to add this water to drink and give a drink to the young man. This can be done in different ways, for example, freeze like an ice cube and add to the alcoholic drink.

If this option is not available, you can draw water into a syringe and imperceptibly spray the guy’s outerwear. If there are fruits on the table, you can add some syringe to the fruit.

There are many ways, find the most acceptable.

Remember that the next day conspired water will lose its strength, with the exception of frozen cubes. If you can not hold a ceremony on the scheduled day, just freeze the water in the freezer.

Matchstick ritual

The next easy spell to love a guy to read at home is to be on Friday night. For the magical action will require only a box of matches, but not the one that is in the house.

You need to buy matches on Friday morning, and don’t take delivery — just walk away quickly from the store counter without saying anything.

In the evening, light a regular candle and turn off the light. Take the matches from the box and set it on fire. When the match burns, say:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

No matter how many matches in the box, they all need to burn. Put in the words all the power of your love, passion and desire. When you burn the last match out of the box, say:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

Now collect the burnt matches in a paper bag and carry on your body exactly three days. Then scatter the embers under the threshold of the lover’s house or in the place where he often happens.

The ritual will take effect when the young man steps over the embers.

Rite with church candles

This love spell for the love of a guy needs 40 days to read. He runs either after a quarrel with a young man, or after a negative impact on your couple.

If someone has attracted magical powers to embroil you, the rite will remove the impact.

Buy on the eve of 40 church sanctified candles, read “Our Father” for each candle. When you read, hold the candle close to your lips so that the wax absorbs the words.

Now take all the candles in your right hand and light the usual candle from the flame. When the candles burst into flame, say:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

Now you will need to put out the candles, but not by breathing. You can turn them into a pre-cooked bowl of salt or sand.

It is important that they go out. Now wrap them in a bag and hide. On a growing moon, take out one candle each day and burn to the end.

Candles should be fixed to the saucer so that melted wax will collect at the end of the ceremony.

It is not necessary to be present at the burning of candles, it is not necessary to say any words. However, it is desirable to burn candles at the same time.

When the last candle burns, collect the wax from the saucer and bury it under the fruit tree. It can be an apple-tree, a cherry, a plum, a pear, or a nut — any tree bearing fruit.

Alternatively, you can bury under linden or pine.

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

Eternal love spell

If you want to connect fate with a young man, make a magical rite to unite the fate. This rite will not only connect you together, but also clear you of the induced negative.

So, what to read and how to make a love spell for a guy at home? For the ceremony you need to buy church candles:

  • two things on women’s day (Wednesday, Saturday, Friday);
  • two pieces on the men’s day (other days except Sunday).

The change from the purchase should be left in the church in the donation box. On a man’s day, you need to light one candle in front of the image of the Lord (not a crucifixion!), And the second — in front of the image of the Virgin on women’s day.

The remaining two candles should be brought home. Also on both days you need to dial the holy water in different containers — do not mix.

As a result, you should have the following items at home:

  • a candle taken on women’s day;
  • a candle taken on a man’s day;
  • holy water in a separate vessel, taken on women’s day;
  • holy water in a separate vessel, taken on the men’s day.

Remember that all actions must be carried out on the growing moon.

At home, twist a male and female candle together, warming the wax in your hand, and say:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

Now put the twist in a glass with Thursday’s salt and set fire to the match. The twist should burn out to the end.

If there is no Thursday salt, buy a new pack of salt for the ceremony — you can not use homemade salt.

Next, you need to mix the holy water, drain it into one container, and pronounce the above text of the plot. Drink a sip of holy water and pour it into your hand. Wash your face and say:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

At the end of the cross and say «Amen.» Now you need to add some holy water to your loved one’s drink — it is not necessary to pour a whole glass, just a spoon.

The rite is completed.

Special conditions of the ceremony. Before the ritual act, you must cleanse yourself (take a shower) and the room.

Wash the floors, wipe the dust, ventilate the room and light a church candle (another) and fumigate the space with incense. You must have icons of the Virgin and Jesus Christ.

Before the ceremony, you must read the prayers to the icons in order to tune in to the ceremony.

Love spell on carnival

How to love a guy’s love spell at home to read at Shrovetide? Prepare pancake dough and read plot on it:

Love spell for a guy - simple rituals for self-reading

Bake pancakes, and for every pancake, too, read the plot. Now you need to treat these pancakes to a guy.

The more he eats pancakes, the stronger the love will be.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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