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Love spell for a growing moon for a man — read it yourself

How to read a love spell on a growing moon on a man’s love

Do not assume that magic is like magic from a fairy tale, when everything is done instantly, you just read a spell and wave a magic wand. Magic is esoteric, and esoteric is inextricably linked with the forces of nature.

Therefore, to perform any magical rite is only coordinating it with nature. A good helper to achieve those or other goals is reading a love spell to the rising moon.

The night star is closely connected with life on Earth, it influences many processes occurring on our planet. The moon also influences magic: many witchcraft rituals are performed during a certain period of the lunar month.

Depending on what purposes the rite is aimed at, the corresponding phase of the Earth satellite is chosen.

Love spell for a growing moon for a man - read it yourself

Influence of the rising moon on love spells

A large number of rituals, including various love spells, are performed during the rising moon. And this is no accident: as the night light grows and gains in strength, so does the power of the ritual increase, which contributes to the achievement of the desired goal.

Among the love spells on the growing moon, conspiracies to:

  • finding a partner;
  • strengthening relations between spouses;
  • improving health;
  • money and financial wealth.

All these rituals are united by the fact that they are aimed at multiplication and acquisition, and the growing satellite of our planet is the best way possible for this. The moon, in its phase of growth (first and second phases), helps to achieve success in almost any area of ​​human life.

This is the best time for the construction of new plans, the implementation of new beginnings in life, the manifestation of activity in personal life or in any business.

Especially patronizes the moon for women. The representatives of the weaker sex have long used her strength and influence to gain power over their chosen one.

That is why a lot of love rituals are associated with the growing Moon.

Love spells on the growing moon

Consider some of the most effective love spells performed during the active growth phase of the moon and designed to help achieve the desired in various areas of human life. Performing any of the rites below requires deep psychological and emotional readiness for them from the subject, because the Moon, penetrating into the depths of the subconscious, can have a considerable impact on the state of the author of the ritual.

Antique love spell

An obligatory feature of this ritual — it is held only on Thursday — performing it on another day of the week is fraught with unpredictable results. To perform the rite, a woman must take out her man’s worn underwear.

During the ritual, the beloved’s underwear should be rinsed in running cold water, and then hung near the heat source (battery, for example) to allow it to dry faster. This process must be accompanied by a hex:

“As this underwear dries, (the name of the beloved), so will you, for me, (your name), you will dry out of love every day more and more. Let it be so».

This rite will help bind to any desired man.

Another way to enchant a man on a growing moon from Tatiana of Moscow is in the video:

Powerful plot for happiness in family life

Brew strong tea with sugar, think about your desire (associated with family happiness, of course) and pronounce the following words:

“If I, God’s servant (name), stand up, having been blessed, I will leave the house, having crossed myself. I will go to the field clean, green pomerania. There Jesus sits and teaches the commandments.

May God’s servant (name) of his father and mother leave, so that his happiness with his wife can be known, to become one with God’s servant (name). What the Lord combined, that man did not break.

Strong this commandment. Amen».

Blow tea and give it to your contented to drink.

Love spell for a growing moon for a man - read it yourself

A love spell for better health

You will need a glass tumbler, spring water (or water from another, certainly natural, source), a white pebble, or any silver product (or both). Pour water into a glass, place a stone or a silver object there (you can immediately do both).

To leave a glass for the night on a window sill so that light of the Moon was reflected in water. When the water absorbs the lunar energy in itself, it is slandered 9 times:

“As the moon grows, so does my health come. As the moon grows, so will my health recover. Let my health be powerful, the power — mighty, the energy — vigorous.

Let it be so».

Water is left on the windowsill until the full moon. Then it is drunk, and the item is washed under running water.

The rite is repeated for each lunar month (from the growth phase to the full moon) until recovery occurs.

A conspiracy to prosperity and wealth

For the ceremony will need a small white stone. On the growing moon it is clamped in the palm of your hand and whisper a conspiracy:

“As the moon grows, so does my income grow. As the moon pulls the water behind it, so does the money reach me.


After slander, the stone turns into a personal money talisman, it is hidden in its wallet. Show anyone your talisman can not.

Ritual further need to repeat every new moon in order to charge it with a new portion of magical energy.

Love spell for a growing moon for a man - read it yourself

A strong money conspiracy on the growing moon

This love spell helps to attract luck in the new project, money, business, business, it is recommended to spend it on the new moon. Requires an item that is associated with this case (contract, product, etc.), and a yellow or orange wax candle. A lit candle is placed near the object, then it is stroked with the right hand and slandered it for good luck:

“As the Moon was born today, may my business (to call the case) begin with good luck. As the moon grows and becomes prettier with each passing day, so it’s my business to grow and flourish.


After that, it is necessary to include all imagination and present in the smallest details how the matter will develop and go — until the candle burns out.

Love spell

Conduct during a new moon or a rising moon. To conceive a child, a woman needs 3 times to read a hex into a glass of clean water:

“Just as a new month was born in heaven, may a child be born among us. Amen».

Spouses must wash their hands before and after sexual intercourse.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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