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Love spell for a girl who just works — read at home

A love spell for the love of a girl who will definitely work: we read at home

In modern society, men are still perceived as earners. It is believed that «running» for girls below manhood and long courtship is delaying the inevitable refusal.

However, such an approach is destructive from all sides, because true love can only be experienced by a person once. That is why, if you are sure that this or that woman is your half, it is important to do everything possible to achieve her, even a love spell that will definitely work.

Love spell for a girl who just works - read at home

The choice of bouquets, the difficulty in selecting topics for conversation during a date, painful attempts to consider the presence of sympathy in the eye — all this is sheer nonsense. The real problems begin when a girl completely refuses to reciprocate, explaining that with a thousand reasons, to figure out the truth among them — the occupation is not for the faint of heart.

There are cases when such difficulties can be solved by reassessing values ​​and revising the line of conduct. If you understand that a potential partner is not satisfied in a specific relationship, and eliminate these shortcomings, then the situation will resolve itself. But alas, this method does not always work, and rational thinking fails.

Non-standard solutions come to replace him, and with them magic.

Conducting magical rites — sufficient specific process. It requires not only certain knowledge and willpower, but also the presence of innate abilities.

Such a love spell for a girl can be read at home, without asking for help from magicians and sorcerers.

How to make a love spell for a girl who exactly will work?

Men who do not have special practice in magical matters should turn to conspiracies and village magic, which does not require the practitioner to do anything but awareness. It is considered the least strong, soft and relatively safe. The most popular love spell for the girl — on a photo.

For him, any relevant conspiracy is taken, which is read exactly 4 times to all sides of the world. In this case, one should hold a photo of the beloved in his hands, turning with her counterclockwise.

In general, any love spells for things are very effective. They accurately work quickly and efficiently, only if the item taken was really important for the girl.

The exact same principle of love spell works with conspiracies on hair and favorite delicacies — they are all common and well-known.

Turning to magic, it is important to know: the situation can turn around and against the witch. Being interested in the consequences of love spells, one can find cases when “victims”, complete with an obsession with a particular person, received a whole bunch of diseases and personal troubles.

If you violate the basic rules of the consequences can be very different.

Ensuring the safety of both parties is an important component in preparing for any of the above rites. Taking care of yourself and your loved one, remember:

  • You can not resort to «black» magic. It is very easy to recognize it: in such conspiracies it is a question of the death or withering of a girl in the event of a break in relations (“he dies, dries, dries out” — and so on);
  • You should not resort to love spells, whose action should be carried out at the cemetery. The place of tranquility of the dead has a very strong energy field, but you can’t call it pure

Two texts of the powerful girl spell

You will need 9 church tapers and a photo of your sweetheart. Before dawn, a circle is made from the candles, then the candles are lit and a photo is placed face up in the center. With the right heel they step on the photo and spell the conspiracy three times:

“As my heel presses you strongly, so let you be drawn to me. It is pleasant with me, hard without me.

Sim said the lock, and the key — the fish in his mouth. Amen».

The rite is held 3 nights in a row.

Looking into the eyes

Midnight ritual. A man picks up a photo of his beloved, looks into her eyes and reads a love spell 7 times:

“As I love you, God’s servant (girl’s name), you cannot do without me, God’s servant (your name). So be it. My words are law.


After the plot you need to hide the picture in a place inaccessible to prying eyes.

Practical advice and guidance

Love spell for a girl who just works - read at home

  1. Rites performed by men should be carried out during the day. The ideal time is the very beginning of sunset. A place for this should be chosen. From the criteria to him: privacy, silence and the presence of open space. Magic, as matter is extremely thin, does not accept extra witnesses.
  2. Sure, you can only on certain days of the week. For men, this is Tuesday, Monday and Thursday.
  3. Spelling a spell will not be superfluous repetition. Duplication of own words is akin to glue — the more its, the more accurate the result. Reading the text with a piece of paper is the last thing. Words must be learned by heart.
  4. A man resorting to a love spell should look good. It is about clean clothes, clean body and pure thoughts. In a person, everything must be harmonious and complete.
  5. And the last thing that should never be forgotten: do not begin to conjure without learning to defend. Find ways to lapel (if any), learn to put the lock and recognize the danger. This is the only way to save both yourself and a loved one from possible difficulties.

When reading such love spells at home, you should understand that you take on a huge responsibility. If everything works out, then it will be impossible to reverse the dry.

Taking into account all the methods listed above, you need to say: no fortunetelling does not guarantee the successful development of interpersonal relations. Love spell causes a person a powerful attraction to the initiator, but does not change his character, habits or manner of behavior.

To achieve mutual understanding will have the most simple, universal methods. All in your hands!

Love spell for a girl who just works - read at home

A few words about the love spells of girls from a famous parapsychologist:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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