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Love spell for a beloved one

You can charm a person you like and not a reciprocate in many ways. One of the best and most effective among them is a love spell for a gift.

Love spell for a beloved one

Love spell with a gift has several advantages. Firstly, the power of any magical effect increases many times if the transfer of this effect is carried out with the help of some physical object (in this case, the gift plays its role).

Secondly, the donation process itself contributes to the success of the love spell.

When you give a thing, that is, giving, not selling and throwing, between you and another person there is an exchange of spiritual energy. Thirdly, you, one way or another, have a gift to whom you are giving, and the love spell is always easier to carry out if the person is already well-placed to you.

In one of the most common spell options for a gift as follows. Buy a beautiful gift that should appeal to your chosen one.

Shortly before delivery, bring this thing to your lips and whisper a plot to a gift.

It sounds like this:

Gently kiss the gift and try to keep it free from dust, water or other contaminants. The more inviolable will be the surface of the gift, when he takes it in hand, the stronger will be the power of your touch and kiss.

Love spell for a beloved one

Another popular way to become indispensable and beloved for a particular person is to make a simple love spell as a gift. It includes such actions: after sunset light candles, put a photo of your beloved on the table and place a gift in front of it.

Next you need to read this plot:

Depending on what you give, you can replace “put on” with “use”, “press”, “pick up”, and so on. The main thing is that the love spell will be carried out when your chosen one comes into contact with the gift.

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