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Love spell — five ways of white magic

Love spell is a powerful magic tool that can dramatically change the lives of two people — the one who uses it and the one against whom the spell is used. Surely, in your life you have often met couples who at first glance seemed to be unsuitable for each other and it is completely incomprehensible how they could converge.

Surely among the girls you know there are those who, not being dazzling beauties, managed to get the most enviable guys. Of course, a part of such cases is simply a happy coincidence or a consequence of the consanguinity of souls, charisma and mind that is not visible at first glance.

But in many cases, certainly not without love magic. The effectiveness of love spells, of course, depends on the magical abilities of a person, and on knowledge and experience.

Nevertheless, there are quite simple and strong love spells available for beginners.

Love spell - five ways of white magic

If you want to bewitch a person who does not pay attention to you as an object of love, but, nevertheless, you often and closely communicate, you can use a love spell to love yourself with the help of sugar.

If you have the opportunity to treat him with tea, coffee, any other drink or dish in which sugar falls.

To do this, pouring this sugar in a cup, say in a whisper:

If it is not possible to throw the spelled sugar into the cup, mix it into the sugar bowl. True, in this case there is no guarantee that the sugar that has been conspired will get to the person to whom you assigned it.

Another interesting love spell can be used during a joint feast. If you have such an opportunity, sit close to the person you want to bewitch, and pour alcohol into his glass or glass.

At the same time saying to myself:

Of course, it is not always convenient for a woman to be “on tap”, but you can do it in the guise of a joke or explain your actions with a desire to friendly care for him. The best drink for such a love spell is red wine, a drink of magic, love and passion, but you can use white wine, brandy and even vodka.

Love spell - five ways of white magic

For self-fulfillment are more suitable rites of white magic, which are not aimed at the subordination of a person at any cost. Such an impact can be compared with a slight push, pushing the chosen one in the right direction.

After the ritual, the chosen one will think about you and look for meetings with you. From communication with you and intimacy, he will have fun, and against this background, real affection will arise, which will become the basis of future relationships.

Such a love spell is different in that it creates a real spiritual and emotional intimacy between two people.

White magic offers a ceremony, with which you can bewitch a person in one day, but only if you are well acquainted with him. To do this, you need to use a fresh photo of the chosen one, and speak it with magic words three times a day.

The plot words are as follows:

Now it only remains to wait for the result. A week later, you can call a young man or arrange a chance meeting.

White magic rituals involving the use of a candle flame are very effective. Fire in magic symbolizes love, therefore contributes to the strengthening of directional effects.

Love spell with a candle held in complete solitude.

At the same time, turning, look at the flame of a pre-lit candle you need to say these words:

After this ceremony, you can not be distracted by anything and it is better to just go to bed, focusing on thoughts of your beloved. If he dreams about you, it will only increase the effectiveness of the ceremony.

Love spell - five ways of white magic

Love spell, involving the use of a gift is very strong. Therefore, it is often used in case you need to awaken feelings in a person who is absolutely indifferent to you.

This may be because he simply does not notice your feelings due to natural inattention. The rite is quite simple to perform, since it can be timed for any holiday.

It should be remembered that such an impact can be used only if your chosen one is absolutely free and does not have serious feelings for another woman.

Before handing over the purchased gift you should read the following conspiracy:

The plotted thing is given under any pretext of the guy you like. The result, as a rule, manifests itself very quickly.

It is very important to remind your sweetheart about the appearance of a number or phone call within a few days after giving the gift.

It is very important that the thing that you used for the gift was relevant and liked by your sweetheart. Moreover, it should be remembered that the love spell conspiracy only works if it is made on a new thing.

For a gift, a used item cannot be used, even if you are sure that it will be pleasant to your beloved.

It is also very important that your gift be used for a long time. After all, the love spell conspiracy on the thing must act on the energetics of the loved one for a certain time in order for the first results to appear.

And, therefore, the gift thing should be in use as long as possible.

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