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Love spell egillet — sexual binding

The love spell egillet is a strong sexual love spell. Using this type of rituals, you can completely eliminate the possibility of cheating partner.

That is why such rituals are often used by wives to preserve family bonds, because betrayal is considered one of the main causes of divorce.

Love spell egillet - sexual binding

Rites aimed at sexual fidelity, are represented in magic in a huge variety. It should be remembered.

Any love spell egilet refers to the means of black magic, as it affects a person not only on the physical, but also on the spiritual level.

Illiterate ritual can lead to negative consequences, therefore, such an impact should be approached responsibly and fully consciously. In the most severe cases, the victim may even be a zombie.

Ritual is allowed to be performed only when you are absolutely confident in your own feelings. It is strictly forbidden to conduct the rite of revenge.

In addition, it should be remembered that it is very difficult to remove a sexual love spell without negative consequences.

This rite is very strong, as it affects the emotional sphere of a man. In his mind, such a magical effect lays the idea of ​​his intimate weakness against other women. To overcome such an installation is very difficult, almost impossible.

Therefore, the partner will always be faithful to the performer of the rite.

The ritual is performed in the forest at any time of the day and in any moon phase. Having come to the forest it is necessary to find a fallen tree with a destroyed root.

On it you need to put two hands to pronounce the following plot:

After that, you need to quickly, without looking back, leave the forest. It is important to never return to this place.

Love spell egillet - sexual binding

This is the most famous rite. It involves the use of the classical scheme.

For the ceremony will need:

  • Plasticine;
  • Snapshot of a man in full growth;
  • A bottle of vinegar;
  • Empty jar with lid.

The main difficulty of the ceremony is that it must use strings from the deceased. If they are not there, which happens often, you need to put a piece of bandage on the grave of the deceased with the name that matches the name of a loved one, for nine days.

In order for the bandage to disappear from the grave, it must be disguised, sprinkled with earth.

The rite must begin with the fact that having retired in a separate room, it should be molded from clay male penis. At the same time it is necessary to try to achieve maximum similarity, both in appearance and in size with a natural organ.

This dummy should be attached to a cooked photo of a loved one in the groin area.

Before you do this, you need to say these words:

After the penis is attached to the picture, it should be tied with strings with a dead man or a bandage from the grave.

Next, speak the following magic conspiracy nine times:

The plotted attribute is then placed in a jar, filled with vinegar and covered with a tight lid. The next day, the attribute should be attributed to the cemetery and buried in the grave of the deceased, whose name coincides with the name of your lover.

Before leaving the cemetery be sure to leave something.

Any sexual exposure begins to work almost immediately. But its peak falls on the second week after the ceremony.

It is during this period that your lover’s interest in other women disappears. This will be noticeable, as he will often desire you sexually.

Do not use this bewitching effect on people with a weak psyche. This can lead to general sexual impotence, and, consequently, to a serious nervous breakdown.

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