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Love spell challenge: effective method

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A love spell is always associated with forcing a person to come into contact with the performer of the ceremony. This can happen in a variety of ways. For example, after a ceremony, a chance meeting may occur or a phone call may follow.

All ceremonies of this kind are quite powerful and almost always give results within a week. The main thing is to believe in magic and not to doubt your own abilities.

Love spell challenge: effective method

Any love spell-challenge does not fascinate a person and does not arouse strong feelings in him, but aims to ensure that he comes to a meeting or returns from departure faster, so the rite cannot harm either the performer or the victim. To the rite of action had a strong enough own desire to see a person.

If you have not met a man who you liked and want to see him again, you can hold the next rite. For the ritual will need a photo chosen.

On Wednesday mornings, Friday and Saturday for one week, when you wake up, you need to take a photo in your hands and first read any prayer with an appeal to the Most Holy Theotokos, after which a special magic conspiracy is spoken three times. Similar actions are performed in the evenings immediately before bedtime on the same days.

The magic words are as follows:

The love spells of the chosen one to certain things are very popular. These are very effective rituals and most of them are time tested, as they came to us from ancient times.

One of the strong calls of the chosen one is read on the threshold of your own home. You should take a shoe and knock it on the threshold.

Then utter these words:

Such a conspiracy to challenge can apply not only women but also men. All that is needed is to slightly modify the magic words.

The love spell on the smoke is very strong and can be used in case you urgently need to meet with a person to talk and clarify the situation. He acts instantly. An important condition of the ritual — the presence of a fireplace or stove.

Therefore, this ceremony is recommended in a country house.

For the ceremony, you first need to walk in the park or forest where aspen grows, and collect nine pieces of thin little twigs from it, which should be broken off directly from the tree. They need to be brought home and folded for kindling in a fireplace or stove.

It is important for kindling to use other dry branches or bark of the tree, but not paper. It is necessary to make the aspen twigs completely burned.

After you set fire to the stacked firewood, you should, looking at the flame, say these words:

Aspen is a good energy conductor, therefore it is capable of greatly enhancing the directional message.

Love spell challenge: effective method

Salt is used in various magical rites. It is also effective if you need to call a chosen one or chosen one.

The rite is held late at night in the kitchen in complete solitude. It is important to remove pets from the premises and turn off all communication equipment.

It is necessary to open a window or a window and pour salt on a hot frying pan.

Then speak these words:

After that, salt should be poured into an open window.

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