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Love spell — black or red

The thread is a very effective attribute of the bewitching rite, with its help a very strong love binding is performed. It is noteworthy that the love spell on a string allows not only to arouse a person’s interest in himself, but also to awaken his sexual desire, which is always the main condition for the effectiveness of the love spell.

Rituals with thread are simple and do not require large energy costs, so they can be performed at home on their own.

Love spell - black or red

A strong love spell can be performed with a black thread, having a length of about half a meter. The thread should be cut into three equal parts and each piece separately should be taken in hand.

At the same time, read the following plot:

After that, you need to go to the intersection of three roads and throw the thread segments in different directions there.

It is also very effective is the love spell on the thread associated with its sewing. For the rite should use a reel of cotton thread. In the evening during the growing moon, you need to take a clean white sheet of paper and write on it all about your love for the chosen one.

It is very important to write exactly what you expect directly from the rite. After that, the sheet must be twisted in the form of a tube and begin to wind the thread from the spool.

The following words are spoken:

After the entire thread has been wound, a small piece should be cut from it and sewn in an inconspicuous place to the clothes of your chosen one. A conspiracy bundle must be hidden in a secluded place so that no one will ever find it.

Such a love spell on a thread is very effective, because the thread sewn to clothes has a constant effect on a person’s aura.

Very often, a love spell on the red thread. This ritual is performed independently, and, according to magicians, it can be used to awaken love in any man.

The spell on the red thread described below should be used only in relation to a man not older than 25 years.

For the rite will need to use:

  • Church candle;
  • The thing of the bewitched person;
  • Red thread half meter length.

Love spell is performed during the growing moon in a separate room. Place a candle on the table, and in front of it put the thing of your chosen one.

Next you need to put a red thread and light a candle.

Then read the following plot with confidence:

After that, the whole thing should be wrapped in a clockwise thread. The candle should be left to burn out, but at this time you need to sit in silence, dreaming about your beloved.

If everything was done correctly and without gross errors, then the first results will appear in about three weeks, but there are cases as before.

You can hold another effective rite with a red thread. You can use both wool and silk thread.

To do this, take a thread 30 cm long and tie 9 tight knots on it.

Love spell - black or red

When tying everyone should say these words:

“I will tie, (proper name) 9 knots on a thread of red. They hide the power of the nemerenaya, from the terrible snake nine-headed, fire-breathing, who flew in from the copper house, located on the island of Buyan on the sea-ocean.

May he set fire to all forests and valleys.

And I dare to come closer to him, let me bow down to him, and ask him not to burn all the forests and valleys. I ask you to ignite love in my dear heart (name of the chosen one).

So that the heart of his passion inflamed that he would not have looked at anyone except me. I will tie up strong knots, as locks they will be reliable, with words I will close them from now on and forever. ”

The plotted red thread must be carried to the house of his chosen one and hidden in a place where he will not find it. Soon you will be together with the dear. But still it is worth remembering that any bewitching rite with a thread should be carried out with a sincere faith in the power of magic and self-confidence.

Only in this case can we guarantee success.

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