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Love spell at the crossroads — help devils

There is a special category of bewitching rites, which are of great power. These are rituals performed at the intersection.

If they are conducted by a person with a strong natural energy, then they practically never fail.

The peculiarity of any love influence conducted at the intersection is that the performer must clearly set a goal. The spell at the intersection should be carried out very strongly, without any mental doubts.

Love spell at the crossroads - help devils

The following spell at the crossroads is very powerful. If something goes wrong, it can harm not only the victim, but also the performer.

In this regard, before it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons. According to professional magicians, the effect of such a love spell can last more than twenty years.

This rite is conventionally divided into the preparatory part and the spell itself. Moreover, neither in the preparation of the ritual, nor in reading the love spell conspiracy, it is undesirable to make any mistakes.

It is important to strictly observe all recommendations of the rite.

The preparatory period begins with the choice of the intersection. This should be the intersection of dirt roads near your home.

Optimally, if such a crossroads on the account will be the second from your home, but it is clear that such coincidences are rare.

In three men’s days, which are considered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday it is necessary to establish contact with devils. To do this, every night you need to come to the selected intersection from one to three o’clock. That is, the procedure for the conclusion of friendship with the devils should be carried out before the first cry of roosters.

From a crossroads you need to take candy, cigarettes and paper money, and the more the better.

At the intersection, each time it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • Print a pack of cigarettes and put on the ground at the center of the intersection of roads;
  • Smoke one cigarette, and it must be done, even if you are a non-smoker;
  • From your cigarette to smoke three cigarettes from the pack and stick them into the ground;
  • Candy and money, too, put in the center of the intersection of roads.

After that, you need to squat and start talking to the devils, with whom it is important for you to establish contact.

You need to start with the words:

After that, arbitrary words should state the existing problem. For example, it can be said about how you love a person and dream of being with him, but he does not pay attention to you.

You need to formulate your request gently in a narrative tone, without using the commanding intonation with great respect.

Love spell at the crossroads - help devils

Leaving the intersection after that is necessary quickly and without looking back so that you do not hear behind your back. If you did everything right, then after three nightly conversations with devils you will find a certain sign. For example, a gold jewel can be found at a crossroads.

This means that contact with the devils is established, and they are ready to help you.

After that, you need to prepare directly to the love spell. It means:

  • Approximately three days before the ceremony, strict fasting should be observed, and alcoholic beverages should be abandoned two weeks before the ritual;
  • Prepare an offering to the devils: good candy and cookies, red wine.

Considered a love spell plot at a crossroads in the period from 12 at night to three. It is important to remember that before the rite you need to remove all Christian attributes.

The text of the conspiracy is learned by heart and sounds as follows:

After reading the love plot in the center of the road crossing, a cooked offering is placed. Then you need to turn your back to the intersection and throw 13 coins over the left shoulder.

With this say:

And again you need to leave the intersection without looking back. And you should be prepared for the fact that behind your back you will hear something unimaginable.

It is very important not to give in to fear and not to run away.

Arriving home, you will definitely feel a breakdown if the ceremony was conducted correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to eat and go to bed as soon as possible.

The rite should never be remembered and the secret of the magical action must be kept until the end of life.

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