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Love spell at a distance will help if loved far

To attract a loved one at a distance using a love spell

Love spell at a distance is a very complex ritual. Such a ritual is very much in demand in cases where it is not possible to be near your chosen one and entertain him with conspired food and drink, to give and to throw up the plotted objects.

The physical contact of the “victim” with the spell performer or the plotted objects significantly increases the power of the love spell. And impact at a distance involves the use of only the energy component of the magical message.

Such a rite requires very high energy efforts and certain natural magical abilities.

Love spell at a distance will help if loved far

One of the most effective ways to make a love spell at a distance is to use magic nodules. This rite requires total concentration on the goal and concentration of spiritual forces.

Therefore, before proceeding to its implementation, you must first properly tune, namely, during the day you can not eat or drink anything other than plain water. In addition, on the day of the ceremony, you need to constantly think about your chosen one and be distracted as much as possible to ordinary household chores.

For the rite should prepare the following attributes:

  • Three candles;
  • Strong thread length in the elbow, that is, from the tips of the fingers to the elbow joint.

The rite is held at night with tightly shuttered windows. It is very important that the light of street lamps does not penetrate the room.

The ritual involves the following actions:

  • You need to light the candles and place them on the floor in the form of a large equilateral triangle;
  • Then you should sit on the floor inside this triangle, facing one of the candles;
  • Next, you need to tie a knot on the thread, but do not tighten it, leaving it slightly relaxed;
  • After that, looking at the candle, you need to say these words:

After the end of the ritual, you need to blow out the candles and immediately go to bed, while the thread with three knots must be placed under the pillow. Soon you will feel how the attitude of the chosen one towards you has changed.

Never throw away the plotted thread and make sure that the knots are tight.

The love of a loved one at a distance can be performed using other effective rites. For example, effective are rituals in which the attribute is a photograph or a voodoo doll.

It can also be a spell with a letter. It differs from other love spells at a distance in that it nevertheless uses the contact of the “victim” with the plotted object. But at the same time, the letter is not given personally in hand, but is sent by mail or through an intermediary.

The content of the letter does not matter, but you must write it by hand. Enclose the letter in an envelope, seal it.

Bring it to your lips and whisper:

When pronouncing the last words, kiss the envelope on the reverse side, putting all your love and tenderness into the kiss.

Considered a very strong rite with mirrors. For this purpose, two mirrors are used, which are installed opposite each other in such a way that a certain visual corridor is formed when the image in the mirror is displayed in each other.

An ideal place for the ceremony is the window sill of a large window, which you need to open. After installing the mirrors, you must sit in front of them.

An important condition of the ceremony is that you need to dissolve the hair, remove all jewelry, shoes and wear loose clothing that does not hinder movement.

In absolute silence you should sit for a while thinking about your beloved and presenting your future happy life next to him. Having completely abandoned the events of the real world, you need to take a lighted candle in your hands and turn your eyes to its flame, while not looking at the installed mirrors.

Love spell at a distance will help if loved far

When the candle melts and the wax begins to flow down it, it should be taken in the right hand and dripped with melted wax on the left palm. During this, you need to think only about your loved one, any third-party thoughts will reduce the effectiveness of the ceremony.

Dripping enough wax into the palm of your hand, you need to smudge it over one of the installed mirrors.

At the same time, the words of the following conspiracy are spoken:

After that, the mirrors are folded up on their front sides and wrapped in their own nightgown and the following words are spoken over them:

After that, the mirrors are broken. They need to be left overnight on the windowsill, and the next day to take out and bury in a deserted place.

Anyone who can manage their own energy can attract a loved one to them from a distance. Only it should be remembered that in this way you can not destroy the relationship of two loving people.

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