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Love spell and its consequences

Love spell and its consequences

Everyone knows a nice wedding tradition with hanging locks on the bridge. But not everyone knows that the usual padlock with a key can help with the fulfillment of a love spell. Reading the love spell to the castle is considered in magic one of the harmless and rather strong.

And how to conduct it by yourself, which in this case take into account — I will tell below.

Love spell and its consequences

Features of love lock

In my practice, there were cases when unrequited lovers of girls tried to imitate this wedding ceremony and single-handedly hung a castle with names on the bridge. And after that they came to me and complained that the ritual did not help them to find happiness with their beloved, and sometimes even worked in exactly the opposite way.

Ask, what was the reason for this result? Everything is very simple: the ceremony was performed with errors, and therefore nothing happened.

  • the rite was performed in a public place. True magic does not tolerate prying eyes and ears, so any magical effect must be carried out alone and in deserted territory, and not to spread to anyone about it;
  • the lock was hung in the place that was already occupied by the same attribute of another pair. Naturally, foreign energy interfered in the spell;
  • naive “childish” symbols and inscriptions in the form of arithmetic marks or a pierced heart were made on the surface of the castle. Agree, all this looks frivolous, but the magic of lightheadedness does not tolerate;
  • the ritual was performed without a magical conspiracy on the castle.

The spell on the castle, like any rite of this nature, should be carried out under certain conditions. You need to do it during the growing month (so that the power of the magical effect grows with the Moon), tell no one about the work done, take it seriously, believe in yourself and in a successful outcome.

Love spell and its consequences

A few more important factors you should not forget:

  • The lock for the priory ceremony must be new, never used before. Prefer the attribute of the standard form. It is desirable that the castle was not painted;
  • if the ritual implies writing, then they should be made with a piece of coal from a Russian stove. If there is no such possibility, light a fire on the wasteland and wait until coal appears. It is better not to use markers, nail polish and other writing accessories (the effect of this weakens). You want a more powerful effect — write with menstrual blood, but be very careful — this will already be a method of black magic, in which the risk of negative consequences is very great;
  • carefully follow the instructions of the ritual, do not miss anything and do not ignore.

The spell on the castle will give the desired result only when correctly executed. Otherwise, “side effects” may occur.

Love spell: consequences

Love spell at the castle is considered a fairly safe method of love magic. However, this fact does not nullify the likelihood of negative consequences.

I can please you with the fact that they will not be pronounced and will not cause significant harm.

The worst thing that can happen is that the ritual simply will not work. The reason for this — mistakes in the commission, or already the presence of a person of another rite. In the event of a positive outcome, a love spell on a castle can influence the behavior of the victim.

This happens because ritual interferes with the human bioenergy field. Such intervention will not lead to tragic consequences, however, the bewitched will need some period to recuperate.

Therefore, in the first time after the love spell, I recommend that you communicate with the object of the ceremony as tactfully and tenderly as possible.

Love spell by yourself

Love spell and its consequences

Simple love spell to lock

Buy a small new lock without bargaining. At home, 7 times read a conspiracy on him:

“Sunflower — to the sun, and you, God’s servant (the name of the chosen one) — to me, God’s servant (your name). Petal — to the beam, the beam — to the petal. In the bosom the seed will germinate, rise, bloom and ripen.

The hand is to the hand, the head is to the head, the heart is to the heart, the juices are to the juices. Do not part, do not part, in the heart — the sun and light. Clouds are black, away!

I condemned, God’s servant (my name) forever, this lock closed, the key turned 7 times. The key is in my secret, under the bushes of 7 stones. Let it be so!»

Lock the key. You let the castle through the flowing water (a river, a stream — a natural water reservoir).

Hide the key in a secret place inaccessible to prying eyes.

Love spell with lock and photos

Rite of passage to the growing month, on Friday. Time: 5-6 o’clock in the morning or at noon, at 12-13 o’clock (clock of Venus).

Prepare a new ritual the padlock medium sized and 2 photos (his and bewitched person). Fold the photos with your faces and put them on the handle of the castle, piercing them approximately where the hearts are located (so you symbolically fasten two hearts). Close the lock and say 3 times to it:

“2 hearts, 2 lives unite forever. Love is strong between us, we have the same fate!

Just as it is difficult to raise the key from this lock from the bottom of the river, it is just as difficult to break our love union. Key, lock, tongue. Amen!»

Throw the key to the lock on the same day in a deep natural pond. Bury the castle with a photo next to the house of the chosen one or on his way: the bewitched must sometimes step over it.

To preserve the power of the ceremony, do not talk to anyone on this day, don’t borrow anything for 7 days, and don’t lend yourself.

It is not advisable to deliberately meet with your beloved for about 2 weeks — do this only when he takes the initiative. After 2 weeks, by all means organize a personal meeting with the chosen one so that the love spell begins to operate fully.

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