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Love spell

Love spell — rules, ways, consequences

A love spell is a magical rite that can create feelings for a person in relation to you. Let’s talk about how to perform the ritual correctly, consider the common ways of simple love spells and tell you what the consequences may be.

Rules and Recommendations

It is very important to strictly observe the rules of the rite. This is necessary not only for the love spell to work, but also to neutralize the negative consequences.

Any magical interference with the consciousness of a person is dangerous both for the bewitched person and for the one who performed the rite. If you want to minimize this danger, follow these rules:

  1. Do not try to bewitch a person who is married or in a relationship, loves someone else. Love spell will work, but you can bring upon yourself a big trouble — by destroying someone else’s happiness, you will get a lot of negative consequences in your own life.
  2. In each method of love spell indicates a clear sequence of actions. Observe it strictly, otherwise the ceremony will be performed incorrectly. It may be ineffective or act totally unpredictable.
  3. Do a love spell only with good purpose. If you are driven by negative emotions — the desire for revenge, envy, anger, resentment, or others, all the bad will return to you many times

Be sure to consider the consequences and be prepared for them. Love spell — not innocent fun, and resort to it is in the most extreme cases.

Also take into account the fact that through magical intervention in the human mind it is impossible to create true love, bewitched will only experience strong physical cravings.

Simple love spells to attract the feelings of the chosen one

Now we share the proven centuries and effective ways to enchant a loved one. Follow the rules carefully so that the rite acts, and the result does not disappoint you.

Love spell conspiracy

In order to make a love trickle, you will need ordinary water. It is best to collect liquid from a pure natural source — a key, a spring, a lake or a river.

In extreme cases, you can use the melt water or defend plumbing.

In the morning, rise at dawn, pour the prepared water into a transparent glass container. Looking into the surface of the water, utter a love conspiracy:

Love spell

While reading a magical text, imagine in your thoughts the image of the chosen one. You need to think about it in a positive way — about how gently and with love you treat him.

Conspiracy water must be drunk beloved. Liquid can be added to food or non-alcoholic beverages.

To enhance the effect of the love spell, perform the ritual three times.

Night spell

This is a very simple version of the love plot. Ritual is best done on the growing moon.

Wait until midnight, open the window. Mentally introduce your chosen one, thank him for all the good, wish the best.

Then, looking at the sky, repeat the plot three times:

Love spell

Love spell will take effect immediately. Every day the chosen one will have ever stronger feelings for you.

Love spell plot

Salt is an excellent conductor of energy information (like water), so it is often used in magical rites. Love spell is no exception.

Wait until midnight, take a pinch of salt in your left hand, concentrate and clearly say these words:

Love spell

This ceremony is best used to bewitch her husband. The rite will help to revive faded feelings, to return the passion in the relationship.

Conspired salt must be poured into the food of a loved one. Gradually, you will notice that your relationship has become much warmer and more tender.

Why doesn’t the spell work?

Sometimes the love spell has no desired effect. The reasons for the lack of results can be as follows:

  • If you were nervous during the ceremony, you were anxious and anxious, you didn’t concentrate enough. The emotional state is very important — if you are not ready to relax and concentrate on the rite, set it aside until better times.
  • Wrong moon phase. Love spells made on the descending moon do not work. To perform the ceremony is only in those days when the heavenly body is in its growing phase
  • The man whom you tried to bewitch, already has strong feelings for another girl. True love is so strong that it can not be «killed» by any love spell, especially weak, performed at home
  • The person you are trying to bewitch has a very powerful positive energy. It is very difficult to bewitch a person who, with his positive thinking, puts a barrier to any magical intervention. This only force experienced esoteric

Also, the love spell just will not work if your chosen one has already bewitched by someone else, or he wears a powerful protective amulet.

Watch the video about love spells:

Consequences of love spell

The consequences of the love spell will come unequivocally — and for the bewitched, and for the one who performed the ceremony. They may be as follows:

  • Bewitched will always be in a state of anxiety and light sadness
  • Health problems will arise — from a banal headache to serious diseases.
  • Bad luck and bad luck in life
  • Loss of interest in life, a person experiences only negative emotions, ceases to rejoice and loses the desire to do something
  • Spellied can become very intrusive. Therefore, when you change your mind and want to end your relationship, he will desperately resist and stop you from living

If you are not ready for such consequences, think carefully before resorting to magic.

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