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Love potion — how to cook and apply

4 ways to make a love potion yourself

Love is a feeling not only beautiful, but also unpredictable. We do not choose whom we fall in love with — often this choice is made by our hearts and souls.

And how bitter and insulting it is to realize that the person we loved does not reciprocate our feelings. Of course, unrequited love forced people to perform feats, create magnificent masterpieces of art, but it also brought a lot of suffering.

What am I talking about? Yes, that people from ancient times, especially women, tried to turn unrequited love into mutual love, and helped them with this magic. Love potions — one of the oldest means to achieve reciprocal feelings from the desired person.

Love potion — what is it like?

Love potion - how to cook and apply

What is the love spell elixir? This is a magic drink, the purpose of which is to increase the passion and affection, to attract a nice and desirable person to yourself, to return fading feelings.

In practical magic, love potions have been used since ancient times. They were made on the basis of wine or tea, the obligatory ingredient was fresh blood.

The composition sometimes included the most unimaginable components, from which a person far from magic would be horrified.

Modern love drinks have a more measured and gentle composition, and it is usually possible to find all the ingredients without the application of super efforts. Moreover, I do not recommend in my magic kitchen to make experiments on the preparation of a love elixir with dangerous and «wild» components. Without knowing the properties of the ingredients that you have never dealt with before, you risk inflicting significant damage on your loved one and on yourself.

At best, the potion will not work or give the opposite result, at worst, it will lead to serious health problems.

What to take into account when making a love elixir?

To avoid a number of undesirable consequences that can be caused by the use of a love potion (and there are those, believe me, there are stories that people have lost their mind from this drink), you need to follow certain rules and conditions when preparing it. Consider them for individual items:

  1. Most types of philtre are cooked. on the growing moon. In this case, some drugs can be prepared in just one day, while others require a long exposure (sometimes it can take years). If you decide to make a love drink, it is better to take up this matter on 3rd, 8th and 9th lunar days, or you can dedicate the rite full moon.
  2. The days of the week that I recommend devoting to the preparation of a witch’s drink are Monday and Friday — their energy is most suitable for this ritual.
  3. Prepare a drink only in a good mood — the negative energy of a bad mood can have the opposite effect.
  4. You can not cook a love potion out of curiosity — the magic of frivolous attitude does not tolerate (you do not want it to turn against you?)
  5. The dishes in which the potion will be prepared should be new, but not plastic.
  6. An important condition is that you must believe in the action of the elixir and the desired result (the power of the love potion directly depends on this).
    Love potion - how to cook and apply
  7. I advise you to prepare a love drink outside your home. It is good if it is a quiet and deserted place, hidden from prying eyes (it was not without reason that in ancient times sorcerers and healers lived in isolation in places devoid of human energy).

Love Potion Recipes

Now that we have examined the essence of the love drink and the conditions for its preparation, I want to introduce you to some recipes of the love potion, which you can easily prepare yourself.

Method one — on the blood

Components: a few drops of your blood (you can prick your finger or use the menstrual), red rose petals (red is the flower of the goddess of love Aphrodite).

Cooking: From the rose petals squeeze juice, mix it with your blood. The resulting potion in a few steps you need to mix your loved one with food or drink.

Blood based love potions are considered among the strongest. They are able to bind you to your loved one almost forever.

Second way — on hair

Components: hair chosen (You can curl from the head, but the inguinal is better), absolutely new scissors, red rose petals, your pubic hair, bottle of red wine.

Love potion - how to cook and apply

Cooking: Rose petals burn, save ashes. Finely chop the hair (yours and your chosen one) with scissors, then mix with the ashes of the petals.

Pour the mixture into a bottle of red wine, leave for 2 weeks. The resulting potion is gradually split along with the chosen one.

The third way — on vodka, fruits and apples

The recipe that has come down to us from Ancient Russia.

Components: vodka — 5 tablespoons, apple -1 piece, pear — half, walnut, juniper — 1 teaspoon, water — 1 glass.

Cooking: Finely chop all the hard ingredients, mix with water. Boil, remove from heat, strain after 15 minutes, add vodka. Give a drink to the chosen one (best of all — immediately after preparation).

The results will appear pretty quickly.

Method Four — a potion on the water

Components: plain water, or any other drink.

Cooking: Speak a drink (or water) with the following words:

“(1) You are with me, I am with you. I am with you, you are with me.

(2) As the water does not spill, so we can live together. ”.

Half of the potion to give a drink to your loved one, the other half — to drink the most. When the elect will drink, you need to silently repeat the second part of the spell; when you drink it yourself — first.

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