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Love potion — a magical drink of love

Love potion — make a love drink yourself

Love potion is one of the oldest means of love magic. Its preparation according to different recipes, but with the same goal, people are engaged in more than one millennium. With proper preparation, a love potion can be more effective than an oral plot or the use of a magic volt doll.

After all, a love potion, penetrating into the very stomach of a person, connects spiritual action with physical. However, for the success of the case it is better to use a potion in conjunction with a spell and other magical actions.

Love potion - a magical drink of love

Love potion is a special magic drink. For its preparation using certain ingredients known to professional magicians and sorcerers.

Depending on the type of impurities used, the love potion is classified into the following types:

  • Wine;
  • Herbal;
  • Bloody;
  • Fruit;
  • Honey.

The sweeter and richer the prepared drink, the stronger the love potion. In addition, certain prayers and conspiracies can enhance the effect of the drink.

Options for how to make a love potion, there are many. And this is no accident, because love potions were brewed everywhere, from Greenland to Australia. Here I will describe the popular version of a love potion, suitable for our natural conditions.

In the period of the growing moon, take dried periwinkle leaves, add to them verbena, crawling cinquefoil, annual spruce, as well as dried rose petals. All this is poured into a stupa and interpret to powder.

At the same time repeat these magic words:

At the same time, try to think about the person you intend to bewitch, mentally direct your desire to him. At full moon, make a decoction of the resulting powder and add to your favorite drink.

In this case, the greater the concentration, the better, but be careful and do not bend the stick. If the taste of drinking changes so much that it feels that something is wrong, your efforts may be in vain.

Another popular option is a coriander love potion. In order to prepare a coriander potion, take the seven seeds of this plant and throw them into the stupa one by one.

After each, uttering one line from the following spell:

When you finish casting a spell, interpret the grain into powder. At the same time, as in the previous recipe, when preparing a love powder, you need to think as much as possible about your loved one and try to arouse as much passion in yourself. Pour the resulting powder into a glass of spring water and leave overnight.

In the morning, pass water through gauze or a strainer to clear it of sediment and add to any food or drink that you will give to a chosen one.

Love potion - a magical drink of love

Slavic love potion and how to use it

The love potion prepared according to the Old Slavonic recipe has extraordinary power. With it, you can awaken the love of self, even in an unfamiliar person. Of course, it is hardly worth experimenting like this.

But if you really sincerely love a person, and he can’t take the first step in any way, then using a magic drink will be the best way to get him to do it. To make a love potion, you should go to the forest yourself.

They collect all the necessary ingredients for the witch’s drink, namely:

  • Thyme;
  • Young oak leaves;
  • Sagebrush;
  • Birch juice.

In addition, you will need to use a bottle of wine or rowan tincture. When all the components are assembled, pour wine or rowan tincture into an enamel pan.

Then add:

  • Thyme leaf and inflorescence;
  • Three oak leaves;
  • Three tablespoons of birch sap.

This mixture must be stirred and set on fire. After that, you need to light a sprig of wormwood so that it slowly smoldered.

It must be kept above the mixture on the fire, which must be stirred all the time.

The following words are spoken:

In addition to adding a “victim” to food or drinking, there are quite a few other ways to use a love potion — carrying the powder with you in your bag as a love talisman, rubbing your skin or taking a bath from a love drink. We will talk about these methods in the following articles.

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