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Love man’s love spell — working rituals

If a mature person gets used to being restrained and calm, then in young people all feelings are aggravated to the limit. If joy, then real, even jump to the ceiling.

If sadness, then too — deep and immense, which seems endless, a real «world sorrow.»

And what can sadder a young man, especially a girl, more than unrequited love. What can break a young heart stronger than not being able to cuddle up to a loved one, to hear the word of love from him, in the end, simply, always be near him?

However, this trouble can be helped.

Love man's love spell - working rituals

Love magic has a whole arsenal of effective bewitching rites. The love spell of the guy will make him pay attention to the girl, whom he had not noticed before, to feel the need to see her and be near her. And then — it’s up to you!

Spring is the best time for love spells. Nature, waking from the hibernation of spring, and boils love energy.

One of the best spring love spells — a love spell guy on a flowering tree. To implement it, choose a fruit tree that has just started to bloom.

Choose a moment when there will be no one beside the tree except you and, having become face to it, speak three times:

After completing the ceremony, pick one flower and keep it under your pillow. If in the coming days you will notice that many bees are circling near this tree, this is a very good sign.

So your lover will soon pay attention to you.

Another strong love spell guy — a love spell on the trail. To make it, any trace left by your chosen one on sand, in mud, just on the floor from a wet or dirty foot will suit you.

How deep the footprint is, and with what foot it is left, it doesn’t matter at all. But he and no one else should leave this mark, otherwise you will only incur major troubles with a love spell.

For complete confidence, you can invite him to the beach or “accidentally” spill something under his feet.

We need to bend over this track and whisper three times:

Very popular are love spells using photos of a loved one, which are held at home. This rite is very strong and works well even at a distance.

But at the same time it is very important that in real life you are familiar with your chosen one. Also an important condition for the success of the ceremony at home — complete loneliness during the ritual.

Complete silence should be ensured in the room. Be sure to ensure that no one and nothing distracts you.

Photo Requirements:

  • In the picture, the elect must be one;
  • The eyes of a loved one must be clearly visible in the photo;
  • The photo must be fresh, that is, taken no earlier than six months before the ceremony.

For the ceremony will also need to use two church candles. They need to be installed on the table, and between them to put a photo.

After the candles are lit, you should visualize the image of the beloved and introduce yourself next to him. You need to try to draw mentally happy scenes while hanging out together.

Try to imagine yourself with your loved one on a walk on a clear sunny day happy, laughing and in love with each other. Thus, it will be possible to establish communication with the chosen one on a subconscious level.

Enhance the effect by speaking positive phrases. You need to think about everything and talk about the present in the present tense and not use the “not” particle. After that, you need to extinguish the candles with your hands and, together with the photograph, move them to a secret place where no one will ever find the attributes of a magical rite.

The effect of the rite becomes noticeable, usually after 10 days.

Love man's love spell - working rituals

A love spell is considered to be a very strong spell with the help of paper, on which free-form wishes to always be close to the beloved are written. Despite the simplicity of the required actions, the whole complexity of the ritual lies in the fact that such a note needs to be sewn discreetly into the clothes of a chosen one, so that he would not notice this and never find the lining.

Also, a great power is different spell, envisioning the magic words of a favorite thing, which after the ritual returns to him again.

Magic words can sound like this:

If you like a guy at a party, then in an instant, using magic, you can draw his attention to yourself. All that is needed for this is to unnoticeably pour from your glass of wine into the glass of your beloved.

And while saying these words:

After that, the whole evening the guy you like will give you signs of attention, but the continuation of the relationship will entirely depend only on you. A widespread way is the conspiracy of food, which you need to treat your chosen one.

For example, for this you can invite him to visit me.

Magic words can sound like this:

You should know that it is necessary to use only the rites of white magic to attract a guy, as they do not have negative consequences. Black love spells are very dangerous, and they are used only with full confidence in the sincerity of their own feelings.

Otherwise, you can cause great harm not only to the bewitched person, but also to yourself.

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