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Love man or man love — do it yourself

If you read these lines, then, most likely, you are a girl and still very young. That is why you want to learn how to make a love spell on the guy love yourself.

And we will tell you about it! In fact, to make a love spell is very simple, but do not forget that girls at such a young age are not very reasonable in matters of the heart.

After all, when love lives in the heart, the brain cannot control this feeling; therefore, all actions are performed according to the will of the senses, and not common sense.

Love man or man love - do it yourself

In this regard, it is very important to understand that magic is a serious tool, and in inept hands it can hurt very painfully, and sometimes lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, it is better to turn to professionals, what would they do for you spell. Now for this you don’t even have to go to the magician, many magicians work online and it’s enough to send them an e-mail a photo of your chosen one and describe the situation.

Yes, and the majority of their fees for their services are not large at all, and in special cases (perhaps they will consider your case to be such), they help you absolutely free.

But if the decision is made, and you are ready to take responsibility for yourself, you can use fairly simple rituals and attract the attention of your chosen one.

White magic offers a wonderful spell, the main attribute of which is a delicate beautiful flower — chamomile. This ceremony should be held in the summer season in the period of flowering plants. And it’s great, because it is exactly the time when you really want to love and be loved.

It is desirable to direct the impact on a person who shows signs of attention to you, but cannot decide on a more serious step. It should be understood that if a person is absolutely indifferent to you, then a love spell will not give a positive result.

For the ceremony you will need to take a clean white sheet of paper and write a declaration of love on it. That is, you need to dream and imagine the very words with which your beloved could turn to you, confessing love.

It is not necessary to restrict your fantasies, and most importantly, in the message you are creating to include your names. When writing, it is very important to visualize the declaration of love as much as possible, this will strengthen your energy message.

After that, you need to pick a blooming chamomile that grows as close as possible to your loved one’s house, tear off all the petals one by one, as if you are guessing at “loves, dislikes”, just to sentence, every time tearing the petal you need “loves”. Next, the petals are carefully wrapped in a sheet of paper with a declaration of love. Such a bundle is put in a warm dry place.

Seven days later, when the petals are dry, they should be used to brew tea to drink. If everything was done correctly, then the real declarations of love from the bewitched guy will not take long to wait.

If it is winter on the street, but you still want to love, then you can make a love spell in the following way. It is necessary to collect freshly fallen snow, so much so that when it melts, at least a glass of water will turn out.

Bringing fluffy white snow to the house during its melting you need to pronounce the following words:

After you need to splash the melt water where exactly your favorite day goes, the best option is at the exit from his house. If there is no snow, then to spend a spell on the love of a guy on your own, you can use spring water.

You can speak it with the same words, but at the same time you need to pronounce the words directly at the spring three times before you draw water.

Love man or man love - do it yourself

Potent is a love spell using a photo of a loved one. It should be remembered that in the picture the chosen one should be depicted alone in full height or waist-high. It is very important that the photo was fresh, that is, taken no earlier than six months before the ceremony.

This love spell, performed independently, has a limited duration. Therefore, attracting the attention of a guy to yourself, you should try to wake up real feelings in him.

In addition to photos for the ceremony need:

  • A pen;
  • Needle;
  • Red thread;
  • Church candle;
  • A small patch of red cloth.

For the ritual, you must retire in a separate room in the evening, and light a candle. The rite is held in the period of the growing moon.

On the back of the picture you need to write your own name, and under it — the name of the chosen one. After that, you should turn the photo to yourself with your face and begin to stitch a sweet chest area with a red thread.

Make stitches must be in the direction of themselves.

The following words are spoken:

Sew the chest zone of the chosen one in the picture so that the last stitch is connected with the first. At the end of the process of flashing the needle point should be directed in your direction. Thread can not be cut.

At the hanging end, you need to tie a triple knot and pour it with melted wax from a burning candle.

In this case, you need to say these words:

After that, you should sit and wait until the candle burns out, and then wrap a picture of your beloved in a red patch and hide it in a secluded place.

If you want to conduct a rite of your own, then first decide whether your intentions are really serious, will your hobby pass in a month? Or maybe you will find the strength to fall in love with a guy without the help of magic? After all, if after a month you no longer want to communicate with your chosen one, and the love spell will continue to operate for a very long time, then you should not wait for a good one.

The guy will not leave you alone, with the result that you will suffer as you and he.

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