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Love man — how to conduct the ceremony independently?

Simple love spells per person for home use

Many, deciding to use the bewitching magic, seek to conduct the ceremony independently. But at the same time, it should not be forgotten that the love spell of a person is a complex event that requires concentration of thoughts and certain knowledge.

Love spell is rooted in the deep past. It was used in ancient Russia, before the creation of writing.

Therefore, the effectiveness of rituals tested by time.

Love man - how to conduct the ceremony independently?

You can find a huge amount of instructions on how to perform a spell. There are also obligatory rules for all love spells, which must be followed.


  • The ritual should be held in a separate room in absolute silence;
  • It is necessary to close all the mirrors in the room in advance in order to exclude the possibility of foreign energy input and loss of one’s own;
  • Before the start of the ritual should take a shower and wear clean spacious clothing.

At home, you should use simple love spells. They are almost always effective if the performer sincerely believes in success and wants to link his life with a bewitched person.

The most common rites are rituals that involve the use of a photo of a loved one. This attribute allows you to visualize the image of a person, and, consequently, improve the quality and increase the power of the energy send.

A simple rite with a photo is held at midnight with a lit candle. You need to retire in the room, sit comfortably, take a fresh picture of your loved one in your hand and plunge into the world of dreams. In dreams, you need to present your loved one with you and feel how good you are together.

As soon as the picture becomes clear, you need to concentrate on it and pronounce the plot twelve times.

Love man - how to conduct the ceremony independently?

Magic words sound like this:

After this, it is necessary to lightly burn the corners of the photo with the flame of a church candle, sprinkle it with holy water and put it at night near the head of the bed. In the morning you need to hide the picture in a secluded place.

If the ceremony was successful, then the result will appear soon.

You can use the magic and effective love spell if the man you like first came to visit you. After he has washed his hands, it is necessary that he wipe them off with a new towel, which should be hidden right away.

A little later, a wet towel should be knotted.

And speak it in these words:

Conspired towel should be hidden and never untied. Only the performer of the rite can touch it; the love spell will lose its power from someone else’s touch.

Love man - how to conduct the ceremony independently?

You can also talk personal things favorite. But in this case it should be remembered that such a love spell has a limited duration of action, so it will have to be repeated periodically.

If you can not awaken in a person’s natural affection and love.

For the ritual, you should use the thing that the beloved takes very often in his hands. Optimally, if it is new. That is, the subject can be spoken and subsequently donated.

If the purpose of the magical rite is to maintain the love feelings of your own husband toward you, then you need to talk to your favorite piece of clothing that he most often chooses to wear.

The ceremony should be conducted in solitude in a separate room, fully concentrating on the image of his chosen one. It is important to put all your love in the spoken words and pronounce them clearly and distinctly, without stumbling.

A thing during the rite must be kept in hand.

Love spell conspires as follows:

Any love spell to love should be read in the period of the growing moon. And it is better to conduct the rite on the new moon. Along with the growth of the night luminary, feelings of the bewitched person will grow and become stronger.

White magic offers a huge number of effective and safe love spells. They do not break a person, do not turn him into a zombie, but only push him to love.

Therefore, it is hardly worth using the means of black magic, which is dangerous for its negative consequences, both for the victim and for the performer.

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