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Love cuff — how to read and possible consequences

Love cuff

A love collar is a ritual that is as popular as a love spell. This is a kind of magical effect aimed at breaking the energetic heart bonds. The lapel can be carried out as an independent witchcraft rite, or act as an «antidote» to the previously committed love spell.

The second case is the work that an experienced and professional magician should do. If the lapel is not aimed at removing the bewitching spell, then the implementation of the ritual can be quite cope with at home, having carefully studied the principles and subtleties of its conduct.

Love cuff - how to read and possible consequences

The expediency of using a love cuff

In what situations can a cuff be used? The ritual implies the termination of an undesirable love affair, so there are 5 main reasons for using it:

  • in order to maintain relations with a loved one and dear to a person when a threat appears in the form of an opponent or a rival on the horizon;
  • in order to preserve the family, when there is a rift between the spouses. A common cause of discord between husband and wife is treason (in most cases, male). In the case of betrayal — potential or already occurring — the lapel will help discourage her husband from his mistress. As practice shows, the lovers themselves are not averse to taking advantage of the mistresses themselves in order to turn the man away from his wife and tie him to him;
  • in order to interrupt a love relationship that could be dangerous for one of the partners. This is the reason why parents or other close relatives turn to the lapel wishing to ward off their offspring (sister, brother, etc.) from an unwanted boyfriend or ladies, with whom communication can end badly;
  • with the goal of unbinging oneself from a beloved, when love is miserable, unrequited, becomes a source of spiritual suffering and does not bring any positive emotions;
  • in order to eliminate the effect of a love spell. This is a complex process that includes diagnosing a love spell, removing its effect and putting on further protection, so it’s not recommended to use a love cuff alone. Too great to do something wrong and only aggravate the situation. The most reasonable solution in this situation is to seek the help of a specialist.

Perform a turn-away ritual, most often, on a defective moon. In this phase of the night luminary, destructive energy reigns, which will help get rid of an unwanted love affair much faster and more efficiently.

I strongly advise you not to make a lapel on Friday — in magic this day of the week is considered the day of Venus. On Friday, it is customary to practice family love magic, aimed at strengthening relationships, and not at weakening and breaking them, which occurs in the process of a turn-away rite.

How to read a love cuff yourself

The lapel, destroying the relationship between a husband and his mistress

The wife can use the ritual if her husband has begun to cheat on her with his mistress. The lapel will destroy the vicious relationship on the side and fully return the man to his rightful spouse. The time of the meeting is the night from Saturday to Sunday, the phase of the waning moon.

Required attributes: candle, glass of cold water, a tablespoon.

Love cuff - how to read and possible consequences

A tablespoon from which the spouse should eat after the rite should be heated over the flame of a lighted candle, and then quickly lower it into a glass with cold water, then pronounce the turn-away plot:

“As this spoon cools in water, so are you, God’s servant (husband’s name), cool down Forget your feelings for another woman, God’s servant (name of mistress), lust and fornication otrin.

Like this spoon is a place in our house, so is the servant of God (husband’s name), place only in this house. Amen (3 times)

For the effectiveness of the ritual it can be done 3 nights in a row, or 3 weeks in a row — from Saturday to Sunday.

Lapel poppy seeds from unhappy love

This love lapel is designed for girls suffering from unrequited love and wanting to get rid of this painful feeling. On a waning moon, you need to buy a bag of poppy seeds and stitch a small bag of new black fabric.

Around midnight, the seeds need to be poured into this bag and go with him to the house of her beloved.

Exactly at midnight, the girl must go around this house 3 times, scattering a thin poppy path. The number of poppy seeds must be calculated in advance so that it is enough for 3 rounds. During the crawling process, you must constantly whisper a conspiracy:

“Love, go to sleep, and do not wake up. Heart, close, and no longer open. Like this poppy is not going to come together again, and I, the red girl (own name), with a good fellow (lover’s name) not to be mercieved.

Key yes lock, word yes seal. ”

Lapel beloved from rival milk

This lapel can be used in the event of a rival — potential or real. The rite takes place on a waning moon.

Love cuff - how to read and possible consequences

The performer should take a glass of fresh milk, spit in it and say:

“No one lives in this world without saliva. So I, God’s servant (own name), you, God’s servant (lover’s name), I command not to live without me and life without me not to rejoice. You will burn, churn and come to me, but you will not even remember her — neither today, nor tomorrow, never.

My word is true and strong. Forever you to be with me. Amen!»

Conspired milk should be given to your lover so that he can drink it to the drop. After the ritual, he will not look at the side.

Another way to love a lapel you can see in the video:

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